Tuesday, June 02, 2009


One day recently Allen and I were setting the ladders and pick boards back up on the house, so I can finish painting, and I saw this little guy tearing a blue streak across the ground nearby. Well, maybe he wasn't going that fast but he was moving on, at least for such a small thing. I guess it is a baby snapping turtle, due to certain physical characteristics, and I wondered what he was doing roaming so far from the creek. I've seen the females come out of the creek and lay their eggs (if fact, it's that season now) and they don't stray that far from the water. So, did he take a wrong turn or do they spend the first year or so on dry land? I took him down near the creek but didn't put him in, as I wasn't sure what he wanted. But he is at least in the vicinity if he wants the water. I always imagine the turtles and frogs (or whatever) that I try to "rescue" and put in an area that I think they should be, thinking to themselves, "dammit, I spent all day getting away from here and now this creature has put me back!"
He seemed resigned to being in my grasp and content just to wait it out. I know that feeling. What a cute little bugger though with those enormous eyes.

Several people commented in the last post that I seem to be out of my funk and such. Well, maybe. I'm still up and down. The main reason that I was recently thinking about shutting the blog down is that, for the past, I don't know how long, I just seem to be whining and moaning about crap all the time and I can't stand the thought of being that way. I realize that life doesn't always go right and crappy things happen but I don't want that idea to overcome me. Good stuff does happen and most of the crappy things are to teach us important lessons. Or at least, that's my opinion.
Anyway, I have always had a restless streak in me and sometimes it still comes out, usually when I get really tired and wore down. The whole thing with Dale, which was sort of a kick in the teeth, has still got me down. I'm sure there was some reason for the whole thing but it eludes me for now. I've thought, if I get laid off, that I might go on a road trip somewhere. I don't know. So, my posts may still be sporadic. I did have a very nice time on the date this weekend. I've been out with him before and we've been friends for a while, so it's good for a distraction. Rurality caught me dragging in at 2:00 a.m. when I emailed her about our 'weed walk'! (damn time stamps!) LOL! That was also a great time and I was very happy to host several local bloggers! We must do that again! Rurality posted a great record of the event too, so you might skip over there for that.
I've gotten a few things done around the house and am working on some art too. I'll try to post soon.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute wee thing, I love turtles!

countrypeapie said...

Sweet little thing. That's probably about how small they have to be for you to carry them around without getting your fingers snapped off!

Rurality said...

Awwww, cute! You'd never guess he'd grow up to be so snappish.

Hey, I knew it must have been a good date for you to have come home at 2 am! Yay! :)

Ed Abbey said...

I happened to visit Rurality's blog. Holly crow, make sure I don't show up at your place looking for a fight. I might get a whoopin' from the looks of it.

Floridacracker said...

I have to agree with Ed, wowsers what a fit upper arm, girl!
You probably had every male reader standing in front of a mirror and doing a comparison.

What? You mean only I did that? ... oh well.

I don't know Alabama turtles, but he doesn't look like a true snapper to me, pretty sure of that, but useless to ID him otherwise.
Although he looks more like a land dweller to me.

Maya said...

Absolutely darling! We don't really have turtles around here and it is a good thing. If they were all that cute I'd have nothing but turtle habitat (and a few less fingers).

If'n you do take a road trip out our way you've got a place to stay!

edifice rex said...

Hey Molly! Isn't he!!?

Hey Pea! Yeah, really!

Hey Karen! lol! Fun was had by all!

Hey Ed! Oh, I'm a sweetheart really!

Hey FC! There's more where that arm came from, baby! Ha! Seriously, dragging those welding leads is the only thing responsible for that!
You are probably correct about the turtle. I was just guessing!

Hey Maya! Ya'll don't have turtles? that's odd; I thought they lived everywhere.
Hey, you know, I've been to Oregon (had an uncle there) and it was beautiful; I've always wanted to go back. I think we went slightly into Washington and it was beautiful too. I was only about 8, so my memory is a tad foggy.

Maya said...

Well that is all the more reason to head on over to this coast again, refresh your memory, eh? :)

In all seriousness, it is a beautiful part of the country - and there is no better time to visit than the summer. I don't think I'd trade a summer in the PNW for much of anything, now the winters on the other hand....ha!

edifice rex said...

Hey Maya! yes, I remember when I did go to Oregon, we went to the beach and standing there marveling at the dark, blue water. Our beaches are so white and the water is pale. the colors there were exquisite. The we saw whales! You couldn't make out much but you could tell they were huge!
If I could just get some time off, and I'm sure someone would want to knock me in the head for sounding like I'm complaining! I'm not but would like to have some time. I keep thinking that a layoff is coming, and it might be, but they continue to come up with welding jobs and I'm one of just 3 that our company has.
And yeah, ya'lls summers are so cool!

The Country Experience said...

Oh my goodness, what a teeny little guy (or gal)!

2 a.m.! Whoa, it must have been a pretty good date, lol.

edifice rex said...

Hey CE! yep, pretty good date. ;)
I could use a few more.