Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Lookie what I got to play with today! No, no, not the truck; what's on the back of the truck! One great perk to working for a construction company is getting to borrow the equipment if it's not out on a job. Of course, this is one of the older models but hey, even a wore out excavator can do an enormous amount of work. I've got lots of rough patches around the places that need smoothing, stumps to dig up, the driveway to work on and some swales to cut for water diversions.
The fellers from the warehouse delivered it this afternoon and I just have to keep fuel in it and make sure it stays greased. Maybe I'm weird but these machines are such great fun to use. If Dale was still around he would have been laughing his head off at me though! I'm okay at operating but can be a little clumsy with it until I get a little practice back in. Dale is the one that actually taught me, years ago, how to operate all such machinery and he is absolutely one of the best operators I have ever seen. Funny thing because he told me he always hated running a backhoe.
You may notice also, in the foreground there, a new stack of siding. Yes, I am working on the exterior again and determined to get that finished. Of course, I have to take advantage of the machine while I have it and get as much done with it as possible. I might get to keep it for a week or two but they might come get it Monday also. Just depends on what's going on with work.


Pablo said...

'tis a thing of beauty! I wish I had one of those around Roundrock.

Woody said...

I'm lucky that way too of my friends allows me to use his equipment when it's idle. Skid steer and a dump trailer are the most often borrowed. I really enjoy running a backhoe. They become an extension of the hands when I get reacquainted with one.

Hell I just like playing with big toys in a dirt pile.. :)

countrypeapie said...

Oh, boy. Lee will be so jealous. Always looking for a reason to get his hands on heavy equipment!

Floridacracker said...

Oh girl! I'd love to have one of those for a week.

My place would never look the same!


Have fun with it!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Oh, they are NICE. You could get a lot of stuff done.

Hey Woody! Wow! you are lucky! I started to get a skid steer this time but glad I got the mini-excavator for now; it's better for digging stumps and such. I always preferred playing with the boy's toys, even when I was a kid! ;)

Hey Pea! Oh, they are great fun and my back is so grateful.

Hey FC! Well, if I get to keep this one for a week, my place is going to look so different! I've already done so much with it today!

The Country Experience said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous! Those can make awful jobs so much easier. Hope you get to hold on to it for a while and get a lot of projects out of the way!

Shannon said...

My husband will be so jealous! Since the rental place in Oneonta closed, we don't really know where to get this kind of thing anymore. Have fun!

Ed Abbey said...

Have fun! I know I would with that kind of tool to play around with.

Sal in Maine said...

Annie- we have a TB 070- a big brother to that one and boy, can I get myself into some trouble with that!!! My sig oth and I argue about who "gets" to run the excavator (although here in Maine I often hear folks call 'em escavators) and who drives the dumptruck. I crash into stuff way less but he gets more work done in the same amount of time so when we are in close quarters I am in the seat and when it's wide open spaces it's all his. WHAT FUN!