Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hard Times

Well, we're not having to pawn our clothes to pay the rent yet, but, things are not looking so good for our industry. Our company has had several layoffs lately, on various jobs, and it hit my job today with them laying off everyone. Except me. Well, the foreman and superintendent are there too. But it leaves me to do all the rest of the work. There is still some welding to do so that's why I'm still there, but it seems to me they could have kept one other man, at least. We still have a little mud to pour, a bathroom to frame and various things. I told the foreman today if my heart explodes in the midst of all this to please, drag me outside so I can see the light of day and not let me die on the nasty floor of that warehouse.
So, I don't know how long I'll be there. I may get it next week or I may be there until September. I can't believe I've been on that job for so long. I'm sure that it is to pay for some of my sins! lol!
Today was a little stressful with the welding I was doing. My job right now is to weld up these really heavy, steel barricades to keep the forklift operators from running into and destroying various equipment and shelving. But I'm fabricating these things while the forklifts are working. In the areas in which they operate. So, I'm the target until I get the barricades up enough to stop them. Most people don't realize that a welder is blind and mostly deaf to what's going on around them while they are welding, so I must rely on my fire watch helper to watch out for me. Plus, I'm having to weld behind a screen (to protect the warehouse people!) so the forklift operators can't see me. If they just hit me with a forklift it will probably just mangle me a little but if they catch me between a lift and one of the barricades it will probably crush me. Usually I am out of their way but there was one period where I was out in the open. If I could have willed those rods to burn any faster I would have been done in just a couple of minutes.

I may not have many photos to share for the next month as Allen has borrowed the camera and taken off to England to visit his brother and family. I took a bunch of pics before he left and downloaded them, so I do have a few for now. I have gotten much done with the little excavator but still have much more to do. Those machines are SO nice to have. It's just small enough not to tear up the world and still get stuff cleared and graded.

My garden is doing okay and the cabbage are starting to come in. I harvested this one yesterday. It's very nice and I'm pleased with it. Haven't eaten it yet but it looks good and I have 8 more, I believe.

I'm still in the world of roller coaster moods. Some days are okay and some just suck. But I'm okay. And thanks Barry, for sending Ronnie by to check on me. I appreciate the thought. Ya'll are sweet. I'm okay but I'm still down about some things. This past year has just been so....weird and upsetting. I guess I think about things too much. I wish I could just not care. Not care what happens. Does my life or actions affect anyone else? Who cares? Not care which way the wind blows. Maybe one day I'll find an outlet for this.
I guess the Joplin post sounded really horrible. I think she reads much sadder than she sounds. I've been listening to a lot of blues lately but they actually make me feel better. Like B.B. King says, " There are sad blues and there are happy blues, but all the blues make you feel good!"

I don't know if any one noticed but I have redone the sidebar and header descriptions. I like the header but not sure if I like the sidebar. Maybe I'll change it some more. I have a couple of stories to tell ya'll if I can put them down in a way that makes sense.

*written by Ray Charles but favorite version is by Clapton.


Woody said...

Glad to heat your still working. I do have to admit that there have been times I would have rather not gone to work. Being that I haven't won the lottery and I do enjoy my work I figure that I would just drive myself nuts hanging around here full time.

I like the new sidebar. Thinking you hit the nail on the head.


Rurality said...

Wow that cabbage looks good. Ours just made nice pretty outer leaves, but never anything that actually resembles cabbage! (Too late in planting I think.)

They must think a lot of you, to lay off everybody BUT you. :)

I think things may be starting on the upswing now, but it may take a while to filter through...

Try not to work too hard!

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you're feeling some better, I've been worried about you.

I meant to come by a few weeks back but got involved in Mom's 86th birthday planning and the time slipped away. Me and the bride are coming up this weekend for a quick trip as I need to make a water run and fill up my holding tank (we're bringing some friends to the cabin in a few weeks).

I talked to Fred a couple of weeks back and we saw that the Miller Drug sandwich/ice cream shop had re-opened. A high school classmate of mine and her husband are running it.
My job will be ending in the next few months so I've been job hunting. Jobs are scarce down this way, may have to travel up there to work awhile. The good Lord has taken care of me this long, I know things will be okay.

Try not to isolate yourself, force yourself to go out and do things. Folks out here like and care about you, you ain't alone.

See you soon,


Anonymous said...

Tell me what time is supper? I'm ready with my bibb tied.Yum, I love cabbage,don't you?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are still working, watch those men & their machines, you know men never see anything unless poked in the eye with a blunt stick or a miniskirt LMAO!!

The cabbage looks great! Love it fried in a tiny amount of butter with salt & pepper:)

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! I am glad to be working also and don't want to sound like I'm not, although I really could use a little time off. I drive myself nuts no matter where I'm at. ;)
thanks for your thoughts on the sidebar!

Hey Karen! Well, stop by and I'll share my cabbage! I've got one more that is ready and I'll never eat all of them. Seriously.
Well, I think mostly it's because I can weld, and they need one right now but I guess they think I'm OK too! I am sorta the lead, because I'm old! I think it is going to take quite a while before things improve in our industry.

Hey Barry! Thanks for all your words and kindness. I really appreciate it. I'm going out and such and doing things. In fact, went to one function last week and hope to go to a concert this weekend so I'm doing okay.
Ya'll stop by any chance you get if you have time. I always enjoy visits. Hope your job prospects pan out.

Hey Anon! Yes, I love cabbage! i could eat just that sometimes but it's great with cornbread too!

Hey Molly! HaHa!!! You got that right! I watch out for myself all I can, I assure you!
I've never tried the cabbage fried! I'll be doing that now though!

countrypeapie said...

Fabulous looking cabbage! Glad you're still employed, but I know you're ready to do something other than work on that warehouse. Take it easy. Reading about the welding and the forklifts, I get the same feeling in my stomach that I get when Lee talks about working on roofs.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! thanks! and yes, I'm ready for another job doing something different.
Yeah, some of those guys on those forklifts would give anybody a bad feeling in their stomach.