Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ain't Life Grand?

I know I have pissed and moaned on here numerous times about not being able to find a decent man to partner with and after reading a lot of the comments from that last post, I was deep in thought on the subject this morning as I made my hot tea. I mean, I'm a helluva woman! I shave my legs and even wear make-up when I go out. I'm a certified welder fer goodness sake! What man wouldn't jump at that?! Suddenly, the thought slammed into my head (they do that a lot- probably why I'm addled the way I am); if I didn't struggle with such situations and with building this house myself, I probably wouldn't write about any of the myriad of feelings and situations that I am in and ultimately overcome. Now, many of you have commented or emailed me privately to tell me how much I have encouraged you in similar situations and so on. So, maybe the purpose of my struggling is to shine hope and direction to those out there charting unknown waters. All my life I have gone my own way and done things that women were not encouraged to do but could very well succeed at. And then I thought, "what a pisser of a deal that is!" You all getting all empowered and encouraged and crap and here I am, straining my boobies off trying to hold up a 16' piece of Hardie board by myself! The hell with that! I've had enough. Fly little birdies

Or maybe I will win the lottery....I think my chances are about the same and Alabama doesn't even have a lottery.
Seriously, I do get a little frustrated about things sometimes but I am sure there are reasons for everything, we just are not always informed as to what they are. I also don't want to make it sound as though I see myself as some horrid casualty in the war between the sexes. I might actually feel a little chagrined if you all could see how much I am helped by men I know. The men I work with are just the biggest sweeties in the world and I really couldn't have built this house without them. I mean, they bring me Bobcats. There is probably no situation that could arise that I would not have at least one of them I could call for help. Whether it is 'come get me out of jail' or I need to borrow $300, one of them would be there. It's kinda like having 6 or 8 husbands at once. Except I don't get to sleep with them. Dammit.  And I don't have to wash their clothes! What a deal! I am actually quite lucky in a lot of ways. They bring me food or just take me out to eat. They let me borrow any, and I mean any tools or equipment they own. So, even though I don't have a husband, I do have (most) all my needs met and through companionship, having someone to talk to and occasionally helping them with financial matters and that sort of thing, I help them too. Maybe that's not such a bad deal after all, for this particular time in my life.

*Widespread Panic


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I think you got it made in the shade myself. But what do I know? I have my moments also, but mostly my life is pretty stressless because of the single life. But what a bummer sometimes. Whatever happens, happens.

karl said...

the kind of freedom you have is usually a causality in the attempt of a relationship. you have an admirable life and i am happy to get to read about it.


edifice rex said...

Hey Mark! I think form a man's point of view, i do have it made. From most women's point of view, i've been resigned to Hell. I agree with the men. lol!
There are good and bad points to both situations. i enjoy things the way they are but would like eventually to have just one man that I could devote myself to.

Hey karl! that's exactly right; maybe the reason I haven't had a relationship work out is because I need these men's help right now. all of them. I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

Mo said...

I need to get my wife to read this post... I mainly earn my keep by handling the spiders and magically making the DVD,cable or vcr work... My other talents (aka character defects) go largely under-appreciated and after 30 years, I still like my job.

Good read, thanks for posting.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Have you tried meeting men without your tool belt on or a chipping hammer in your hand. Ballroom dancing anyone.

I have for years wanted to find a partner to take ballroom dancing lessons with. No luck! I have to rely of the steps I learned when I was a young teenager and actually took lessons.

When I found myself a single parent a life time ago. I used to go places and let my cute child act as a chick magnet. Didn't really work. I spend a lot of time in public places wishing one of the other "mothers" would speak to me. Believe it or not, my last three serious lady friends just knocked on my door when I least expected it. One lasted 9 years.(longer than my marriage)
My new lady fair wants me to travel with her to Europe and the Caribbean, on her dime,no less. Life can sometimes just grab you and take you to places you don't expect.

Do not say or do anything that you don't like yourself for afterwards.
All else is just loving life and celebrating it.

PS: I have another blogging friend who I would pursue myself if I was 20 years younger who has been married twice, each time for less than a year. Believe me your situation is not bad.

edifice rex said...

Hey Mo! thanks; glad you enjoyed it. hey, any man that handles the spiders and camel crickets is, in my opinion, a wonderful man!

Hey Philip! you know, I've always wanted to learn to tango! but yes, I've tried meeting men in a variety of other formats. I am not at all complaining about my situation. I think i've got it pretty good. Yes, there is one man I long for but I get on fine and have a good time with my life and I NEVER do anything I wouldn't like myself for. Never have been one for that.

Jenn said...

Friends are good to have.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! yes, they are!