Sunday, January 17, 2010


Of course, Pat Robertson has received a lot of attention for another one of his beyond-idiotic comments regarding the catastrophe in Haiti but I believe Rush Limbaugh has once again shown what a truly repulsive, vile, puke of a human he really is. By the way, this is not his comment about not sending aid to Haiti; this is another gem on the same subject.
There is no one on this earth I can say that I hate but Rush is a good example of one I could. I can only think that his one redeeming value would be that when he blessedly kicks off, his decomposed body would provide a large amount of fertilizer for the earth. However, in light of what we know now, it seems he would only serve to poison the ground itself, just like his words now poison the airwaves and minds of some.

*Dave and The Bad Seeds


Floridacracker said...

Stop holding back and tell us how you really feel about these asswipes!


You go girl.

Terria Fleming said...

In total agreement with you here!

Island Rider said...

The sad thing is that every time he opens his mouth, people think that just becuase he says he is a Christian that that means I believe like he does. And I don't. And that makes me MADDER than his idiocy.

Pablo said...

When he had his recent chest pains and had to be rushed to the hospital, my mother's first thought upon hearing this was "Good!" Then she thought she probably shouldn't feel that way about someone.

Yes, he's sad and cynical and calculating, but the worse part is that people truly, wholly, honestly agree with him. People who vote.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! oh, I am holding back! out of respect for a lot of the religious people that read here.

Hey Terria! thanks; good to hear from you.

Hey IR! yeah, I know that is frustrating to many people, to be lumped in with him just because you believe in God.

Hey Pablo! that's true, apparently a lot of people agree with him and I may have just offended a bunch by writing that.

Mo said...

I think most of us can think for ourselves and don't need Rush to tell us how it is. I'm ambivalent about Rush. At times I think he gets in and then he spews about something that doesn't make any sense or doesn't really make any difference.

Off the radio he is an impressive speaker (no teleprompter required). I do think he needs to be viewed as entertainment and not gospel.

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting, shameful comment to make about a country struggling to survive even without earthquakes!

edifice rex said...

Hey Mo! See, that's why i despise Rush so: he thinks he is some big, relevant force in the world. And he's not. He's just a big bag of stinky hot air.

Hey Molly! Isn't it?! And he said more than that.

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh and Beck both scare the crap outa me.
I just wish folks would make informed decisions instead of relying of talk radio to tell them how to vote.

I have a tshirt that reads - "Beware of Stupid People in Large Groups..."

Well, I'd say their Group is pretty damn large.


edifice rex said...

Hey V.! yeah, there group is large and that is scary!