Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something To Talk About

The one thing that most people comment on when they visit me, is how quiet and peaceful it is out here. Even though I'm actually not that far from other people, and even subdivisions, the hills and valleys allow for most street and people noise to be blocked. It is very nice. This week however, it has been a little oppressive or isolating. I don't do well in total solitude for long periods. A few days ago I was watching a special on PBS about 'happiness'; maybe some of ya'll saw it too. It was very interesting. They interviewed a man who had been a POW for 7 years during Vietnam and he talked about how he and the other prisoners communicated by tapping on the walls of their cells. I was fascinated at the elaborate code system that they developed to 'talk' to one another. Now, I am in no way trying to compare my situation to the literal hell these men went through, but it occurred to me that, for me, blogging is a similar system. Tapping on keys to see if anyone will talk back. The desire to reach out to other people is strong and curious. Am I such a freaking loser (by not having anyone of my own to talk to) that just seeing words written on a screen by other folks makes me feel better? Maybe I've just read too many recent blog entries by women rattling on about how their husbands did this or that for them. Oh, he chops the wood, he built that stone flower bed, he builds everything for me etc. etc. Oh well, at least I don't have to cook supper if I don't feel like it. I can just eat popcorn and fruit if I want.

While I have the Bobcat, I went down to the old dam to gather the flagstone that is strewn about there. I'm going to use it to build a large patio and steps in the area behind the house that you see in the photo. The terrain around the dam is very rough and as I picked my way down a particular gully, I spied a perfect, very large piece of flagstone. It was beautiful; I had to have it. No problem except it weighed about 80 lbs. and was at the bottom. No other way but up and over to the waiting bucket of the skid steer on the other side. I got it almost to the top and then slipped in the muck. I had to laugh a little at the image of me and that huge stone rolling 'round and 'round but managed to stop it halfway down the hill and yes, it now resides with a stack of other stones behind the house.

The other day when I was installing siding, I could have sworn I heard chickens somewhere around the house, clucking and such. After a few minutes I walked around to investigate; I know I heard chickens. So, I started calling and clucking to see if I could get them to come out or at least talk back so maybe I could see where they were. If there were any, they probably saw me and said, 'let's get the hell outta Dodge, that woman's crazy!'

I did see a possum tonight. He ran up a small tree and tried to act like a limb.

Perhaps one day I'll unite with a man that loves to talk and then I'll long for the quiet again. Kinda hard to say.

*Bonnie Riatt


ErinFromIowa said...

One of my faves is when you get the bobcat out. Ha!
Lately I have gotten the knitting out. I am teaching myself to knit. I made a scarf for my youngest daughter. Now I am working a ear warmer headband type thing for my middle daughter. My oldest has stated she wants a combination hat/scarf/pockets for hands getup. Lordy! I have no clue what to google for a pattern for that baby!

Pablo said...

People have stared at words written on a page to feel better for hundreds of years. You're just ahead of the curve.

Island Rider said...

I am surrounded by chattering people all day at work and when I come home, all I want is a little quiet for a while. But, like you, I reread my blog posts and comments over and over enjoying that contact with strangers who are not so intwined in my life, so perhaps you are not as strange as you think you are.

Ed said...

I think your analogy hit the nail smack on the head!

Wendy said...

The Internet contacts I've made are precious to me, and I actually feel closer to some of my "blog" friends than I do people in my real life ;).

I know. That's really sad, isn't it?

Beau said...

Missed that show- would like to see it. I think you're on to something, and it's nice to have the peace and quiet when you want (or need) it. And it sounds like chickens are in your future... :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! yeah, I love that Bobcat too; wish it were mine!
I wish I could knit! that's one thing I never could get the hang of.

Hey Pablo! LOL! well, that true! I mean, about people staring at words, not the other part about me.

Hey IR! True! I think a lot of people enjoy reaching out and communicating.

Hey Ed! thanks!

Hey Wendy! no, it's not sad! I don't think so anyway. I know my blogger friends are much more supportive and encouraging than my family and many 'real' friends and I do feel close to them too.

Hey Beau! yeah, it was a good series; lasted 3 nights. You might could order it on DVD.
I hope I do get some chickens!

myamuhnative said...

I'd love to have friends with Bobcats to loan me!
Even better if I could use it in an isolated area because I'm pretty sure learning to use it would have me looking pretty stupid ;).
I'm another one that cherishes the quiet though-prolly has something to do with those 700+ coworkers of mine...

edifice rex said...

Hey Mya! well,it's best to get used to running one in an isolated area just for the 'not bang into anything' factor!