Friday, January 08, 2010

A Snowflake Fell

Alright, you people in Canada and those other northern, snowy lands, stop your giggling! To us thin-blooded southerners, this is cold! I know ya'll run around outside nekkid in 20 degree weather. And yes, I spelled that right. As the great Lewis Grizzard once wrote, "naked is when you don't have any clothes on, nekkid is when you don't have any clothes on and you're up to something."
We did get a little more snow than what you can see but it only starting laying about halfway through the snow event, as they call it now. It was snowing again when I got up this morning and I think we may get a little more later today. At least since Alabama won the National Championship last night it has taken their minds off this dribbling of snow and ice we got. I'm not sure which of the natives' reactions I am most embarrassed of; the game or the snow.
I spent most of yesterday outside working on the siding. After donning some thermal underwear it really wasn't that bad, other than having to change gloves occasionally when they got wet. Today however, is another story. I believe I'll spend the day working in the studio. I have some more stuff to glaze for another firing and a stained glass lamp to repair for a neighbor. Good day to accomplish both.

Work is not looking good for my industry or company so this has left me considering many options lately. I believe I may start seriously setting up to produce pottery again and once I produce a reasonable inventory, open a site on Etsy. Just to see how things go. I do not like being on unemployment and I believe I could easily match my state's meager wages. Maybe not, I don't know but I am going to look into it. It doesn't take much for me to pay my few utilities and insurance isn't too bad. Lord knows, I'm not a high-maintenance woman that requires new clothes and jewelry every week so I believe I can make a decent living and provide for myself. Yes, I know that many people have stopped buying 'luxury' items such as art and fine crafts but there are many people out there that still have plenty of money and are willing to buy good quality craft work, especially if it is functional. The web makes things so wonderful these days. You can reach so many people. In fact, I've often said I would love to be able to travel to all the places my pottery has! It has made it to Japan, England, Spain, Germany and all over the United States. I don't believe any of it has crossed over to Canada though....just saying.

So, ya'll keep warm (or cool! you Aussies!). I'll have some new house pics soon; I've haven't stopped working on it, just been sidelined a little here and there.


Pablo said...

You should buy lottery tickets. It hasn't worked for me yet, but I'm confident it will!

Ed said...

I hope you make a go at it and succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Be sure to post a link once you get things up and running.

Floridacracker said...

I loved Lewis Grizzard.
Miss him and Catfish.

Go for it on the pottery marketing.

molly said...

ER, have you thought about sending flyers out to advertise home carpentry services in your local area, it could compliment your pottery business?

Richard said...

Major snow event...Did the kids get a snow day???

Saw some youngsters playing catch football wearing shorts only (no shirts or shoes) out on the ice at 10 degrees last year. But the sun was shinning so guess that warmed them up some.

Island Rider said...

I am interested in some of those bowls with the leaves in them.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! well, that's an if Alabama just had a lottery. lol!

Hey Ed! thanks Ed and I will be sure to put a link up.

Hey FC! Wasn't he so damn funny?! miss 'em too.

Hey Molly! I have done that type work in the past and absolutely hated it.

Hey Richard! some counties they got 2! if you can believe that!
we are definite wienies in the cold.

Hey IR! OK! which ones tho? the teeny, tiny bowls or the desert bowl size?

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

It was actually pretty toasty here in Canada today. Just a little warmer than what you had.Call me crazy, but it was too warm for me. Everything gets so wet, including my boards, gloves, and my ass. It's alot nicer when you can just sweep or wipe the snow out of your way, but when it is warm out, it turns everything into a big mess. Snow melts and turns to ice on boards that need to be scraped off before using it, and trying to walk around on my unfinished main floor was pretty tricky at times because of freezing rain last night. If it were colder, it would have been snow instead of rain that I could have swept off. lol. I hope it warms up for ya though.

Woody said...

Well I received a wonderful mug in the mail yesterday...

Nice work. The quality of your work is excellent and I really like your glaze combination for color and texture. It fits too. Theresa found an immediate use for the small bowl. It is the perfect fit for her tea-ball. What a nice surprise. You would do well with your pottery as an income source. I would and will buy more.


edifice rex said...

Hey Mark! that's why our winters are so ucky, no snow so everything is just wet, mucky, muddy and cold. It is a pain to work in that!

Hey Woody! well, I hope you and Theresa both enjoy those pieces. I know they have a good home!

Wendy said...

Actually, you're not too far from the truth regarding our propensity to "run nekkid." We do this thing in which we strip off our clothing and jump into the ocean on or about the first of January - usually for charity, but sometimes just for the hell of it. The water temperature is about 30° (which is only about twenty degrees colder than our typical summer water temperature of 50° - and that's a good swim right there ;). The water is than the air temperature, which is somewhere around 2° ... or thereabouts.

20°? That's beach weather ;).

Anyway, I'm just kidding. I used to live in Phenix City, Alabama, and I remember the time a snowflake fell and we had a week off from school ;).

edifice rex said...

Hey Wendy! Ya'll's CRAZY is all I can say! lol!
I'd run nekkid in the ocean and it about 70 degrees! the water that is, not the air! I am such a weinie when it comes to cold.
Yea, it's embarrassing how they act down here when it snows. i mean, geez, it's not that rare a thing.