Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

I'm not sure what is going on but over the past week I seem to have developed a much more energetic and positive attitude about things. I mean, not that I've had a crappy attitude. Well, okay, (hush your mumbling..) occasionally I have but I just feel more like working I guess. Really working. I've just been kinda pissing around for so long now but I've got to make a stronger effort to complete things. I have decided a good goal would be that I must complete at least one project a day for at least 5 days of the week. And by project I don't mean really big ones; I just mean get something to a finished point. Like, I installed this skirt and drawer yesterday. Didn't take 15 minutes but it is one more thing done. Don't have to worry about that any more.
Didn't Mouse do a beautiful job on making this? This was his idea too; I didn't design it but after he showed me a little mock-up of what he was talking about it sounded great. I despise a lot of stuff on the counter tops and this let's me put most of my stuff in this little drawer, like that hairbrush sitting there which is now stowed in the drawer. He also designed and installed the drawer so that it pulls out at a slight angle, so it doesn't scuff the wall. Cool huh?
So, yesterday I also worked on siding and got this area almost done. However, right at the end of the day I discovered I had made a mistake in the top 4 pieces of siding. Ouch! So, I just put the tools up and first thing this morning I got up there and took those pieces down and corrected things. I did get this area topped out today and even caulked everything above the window. Tomorrow I'll need to go back and sand some places I patched. Well, the next day it's not raining anyway. I think we are supposed to have storms later.
So, finishing the west end has let me start again on the south side of the house and I began trimming out all the windows. I had to mill some more trim though and this takes a little while if you are doing it by yourself. I got a little further along than what this photo shows before the dark clouds opened up. It's so nice working off level ground too! I'll be so happy not to see that damn Tyvek anymore. The very first thing I did after getting the pick board set up was to clean those kitchen windows though! Gak! they were awful!
So, if it rains like they are saying I guess I'll spend tomorrow making pottery but that is a good thing because I owe several of you stuff. I haven't forgot! Just waiting for a rainy day.
The weather has just been incredible too. That may have something to do with my good attitude. It has been about 60-62 F the last couple of days so that makes for excellent working weather.



ErinFromIowa said...

Wow! I really like how that looks. Good job Mouse. :)

Shannon said...

The warmer weather does wonders for the mood and motivation, doesn't it? And after reading your post I am all inspired and stuff! Seriously, I, I know you have accomplished a heck of a lot more in your brief time on that piece of land than we have in nearly 6 years on ours. But really! A project a DAY? Hmm, if you can do it (or try) I surely can too, right? This might be fun!

Island Rider said...

Whoo Hoo, Go Girl Go!

page said...

love the drawer, the whole sink flavor is nice--think the stained glass is splendid,too---you should be so proud! even unfinished your work put lots of us to shame :)

page said...

oops, typos in previous, sorry

Adrianna said...

I love your pottery, is there any way I could order some custom bowls?

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! thank you! and Mouse thanks you.

Hey Shannon! well, now remember; when I said a project a day I meant small stuff too. Like for yesterdays 'finished' project I just got those last few pieces of siding up on the west end. I finished that section, not the whole house!
Good luck on your projects too!

Hey IR! thanks!

Hey Page! thanks so much!

Hey Adrianna! sure, no problem! just email me at and I'll send you a price list and you tell me what you want.

Ed said...

I love it when I have a productive week. Unfortunately right now we just came out of the tale end of a large ice storm so this week hasn't been productive unless you call watching all the taped programs I had saved up.

Floridacracker said...

That bathroom looks great! Weather here has turned pretty rough!

Jennifer said...

And the sunlight in that bath is fabulous.

Lovely lovely...

Woody said...

Cool custom cabinet work by Mouse!

It's a great feeling when output matches ambition. All looks wonderful!


karl said...

beautiful, it belongs in such an elegant way. congrats on the siding progress. i hope you meet your goals.


edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! well, some weeks are always better than others so you just have to make good time when you can.

Hey FC! thanks! hope the weather hasn't caused any problems for ya'll.

Hey Jennifer! thanks! yes, the light is very nice in there.

HEy Woody! thanks man!

Hey karl! thanks, I appreciate that.