Monday, January 18, 2010

The Next Big Thing

I was going back through the blog and I realized, you know, I didn't really get a whole lot done on the house last year. I know I got burned out and was not able to get any time off from work so there were plenty of days I just didn't do crap. Then, there were a couple of men coming around distracting me. Dang men.
So, anyway, I did manage to do the following:
installed and finished more siding/ painted more rafters
installed permanent bath light fixtures
installed permanent bedroom light
installed bath base trim and towel bar
built strawberry bed
cut parking area and built stone wall and steps
waterproofed foundation wall and backfilled
finished stained glass window and installed
built and installed gable vent

See, I just don't feel like that is good progress for a year's time. So, I am determined to make better headway this year and hopefully not get discouraged or burnt out again. Obviously, I would like to finish the whole house this year but who knows what's going to happen. We do have one decent size job starting up in the next month and I have requested to be put back to work. Now, I don't know if I will be because we are about to be flooded with all those guys that have been working on that big job in GA. Since jobs are scarce right now, the men with families could get placed before me. I don't know if they will consider that or not. Daddy Rabbit is the superintendent and he usually likes to work me so I've got that going for me but the general superintendent could step in and override him.
At any rate, my main goals for this year are to:
completely finish siding and painting.
finish grading for back patio area and steps and install at least a partial patio
install permanent cedar posts and stone pilasters for porch shed roof
resolve stained glass problems and permanently install/ trim out
install all finish mill work in bath
finish pantry
finish all drywall in living room and tile wall around gas heater.
build hearth and install mantle

And there are tons of other things; it gets overwhelming. I know a lot of people have said, well, a home is something you work on your whole life and you never really get through etc etc. and I agree with this of course. I will always be working on my place. The discouraging part is that there are some things or parts that must be finished in a timely manner or the house can begin to deteriorate and that is what is so upsetting to me. It's not just that it's taking a long time, it's that I see problems in the near future if some things don't get finished quickly. Like I said, I know a lot of this past year was just me getting discouraged and burnt out. I would like to have time to have a personal life. Maybe go on a vacation or something. I would like to have time to devote to someone besides myself. I want to enjoy my life; not just work constantly.

*Ani Difranco


Pablo said...

I've found that volunteer work is a great way to stay out of a funk.

Floridacracker said...

Impressive to do list ... as always.

I hear ya on the priority jobs that have to be done to prevent deterioration.

I am way overdue on a restaining of PFHQ.

... was Pablo volunteering to help with some of your jobs?

Sis said...

Well, you lazy woman! Shame on you! Ah, you know I'm just teasing, Annie. I actually don't see how you get done all that you do. I'm proud of your accomplishments as if you were my own daughter.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! yeah, you volunteering to come help me!? I need a bunch of these rocks carried around the house! lol!
Seriously, I have thought a lot recently about volunteering. If I don't go back to work full time with the company it would work better. There is actually a Red Cross office right here in our little town and I've thought about talking to them. My mom was a Red Cross volunteer and I remember her wearing the uniform when I was little. It made me proud and i thought it was cool.

Hey FC! Something tells me that wasn't what Pablo had in mind! lol!
yeah, there are just some things you HAVE to get done.

Hey Sis! LOL! thanks! I appreciate that!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I kinda know where you're coming from Annie. I see no end in sight on my house yet, but I am eager to get things done, but on the other hand, I'm also getting a little burnt out also. What have we done?

HermitJim said...

I'm always impressed with you and what you've managed to get done!

On top of that, you have some wonderful hobbies to help take your mind off the negative thoughts, so you are doing good IMHO!

Both you and the Hermit should be proud of what yo are doing and if this old guy can help...just give me a shout out!

Beau said...

I can understand the frustration... nothing worse than seeing your hard work at risk, especially when you're ready to keep going. You'll get there! Sending you thoughts of energy and abundance :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Mark! i have asked myself that SO many times; what in the world have i done?! lol! but I think anytime you do something to change your life in a major way, you are going to ask yourself that, whether things are going well or not.
I have to say, and i don't mean to be discouraging, you will get burnt out. when you are doing something like this mostly by yourself, you just can't help it. but, it will pass! And you will have enthusiasm again. just keep doing a little something and you will get your second wind.

Hey Jim! thanks man, I really appreciate all of that. People like you really keep me encouraged.

Hey Beau! thanks!! I can really use the good thoughts! I appreciate your kind words.

Eutychus2 said...

After reading your post, and all the things you do, I need a vacation ... hope you get one too

edifice rex said...

Hey Euty! lol! i hope I get one too this year!