Sunday, September 21, 2008


This has been a rather enjoyable weekend so far. Not enough time spent at home as I was finishing up a project in town but I do have all day Sunday for the house. Friday I stopped by the one gallery (for now) that carries my pottery and was delighted to find I had sold out and received a check. I got to meet the illustrious BFA for a cup of coffee downtown and had a wonderful meal of sushi on the way home. When I got home, I talked Allen into going to the county fair with me so we went off to that. No giant rat this year though, dang it! Ours is also too small to have animal exhibits which is disappointing but the other exhibits are good.

I spoke to some nice people with the Alabama Cattlemen and Women's Assoc. and may have found a local source for natural pork and beef until I can raise my own. Hey! Fred won several first and second place ribbons with some of his pottery and knitted things! Go Fred! This photo is blurry I know, but I thought it looked interesting anyway.
I did get home yesterday in time to do some yard work and garden clean up. Allen has rented a back hoe for his place and is starting the foundation for a tractor shed/office over on his land. He may have time to pull up one or two stumps for me. Oh! I stopped by a friends house yesterday (the glass artist) and dropped off the new saucers for her and some bags and tissue paper because she is having a show today and didn't have any materials for wrapping purchases, which I hope she has many!

And I finished this project!! Woohooo!! Boy, am I glad. One of the fellows from work came in and helped me take down the scaffolding and get it moved to the bottom of the hill for pick up tomorrow. The younger boys are usually looking for odd jobs to make a little side money so I try to help them out when I can. Now, to just get my money for this job and finish my siding.
Next weekend I start the process of installing the wood burning heater into the basement but there is a lot of prep work to do first for this may go kinda slow. And I have to extract the heater from Fred's house (his idea, bless his heart) so I know that is going to be slow! I am accumulating firewood but need to get it all in one place and split some more. The mornings are still so lovely right now. Oh, man, this is the last official day of summer! Hope ya'll enjoy it!

*Natalie Merchant/ Tigerlily album


Floridacracker said...

It is? I totally missed that this is the last day of summer.
I need to pay more attention.

Congrats on your sales and your completion of the "temple".
Sounds like things are clicking along pretty good right now.
I worked in my garden yesterday some while this cool air is hanging around ... fall makes everything seem possible.

Virginia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you visit often.Love your fair photos. NIght shots and lights are so hard to get right. Yours are great. What part of Alabama are you from? Oh and I think I should be made Pres. of the Okra Council of Alabama, don't you?HA

Maya said...

Say it ain't so! I am not ready and am going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming into winter. Nice job on the pergola/temple (what do you call it?)
Where do you sell your pottery at? Local fairs or do you have an Etsy shop or something?

Linda said...

Hey! THANK YOU for all the books! You really did bring a lot!

I like the picture of the Ferris wheel and of Grendal of course :)

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! Well, I suspect it does not begin to feel like fall where you're at for a little while still.
Thank you on the congrats! Yes, things are going along well right now; I'm feeling very good and hopeful. It's funny, you would think fall would make you feel kinda down maybe since winter is impending but it does somehow make you feel up.

Hey Virginia! I stop by your blog quite often! I enjoy your photos a lot. Thanks for your comments on my pics. I'm flattered that you would think they are OK. I am from the Gadsden area but live in Blount county now. Yeah, those okra people should be paying you for sure! Great press for a maligned veggie.

Hey Maya! Yeah, you and me both! thanks for the compliments on the temple! It's modeled after the real temple of Vestus in Greece. The city where this replica is located is Vestavia, so there's the connection.
When I sell my pottery, ha!, I sell at a few local galleries and some art fairs. I want to get a shop on Etsy but just don't have enough in stock right now. I'm working on that though and if I get it set up will put a link from my blog.

Hey Linda! No problem! I hope all the books are OK. I think Allen left you a message that those books were from a friend of mine so I didn't go through them.