Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Morning Good Morning

I woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day here. I love getting up on Fridays and knowing I have 3 whole days to do whatever I want, for the most part anyway! The past several mornings are just wonderful here. It's slightly cool and the sunlight has that very clear, slightly golden look. The photo really does not come anywhere close to how it looked first thing this morning, the sunlight just starting to illuminate the tops of the trees as it peeked over the mountain behind me. The seasons are definitely changing. In fact, this afternoon I need to close the clerestory windows for the year. I really enjoy fall but dread the winter really and it doesn't even get very cold here. I might be a tough construction worker but I am a definite wienie when it comes to cold weather.
I unloaded the kiln this morning and everything seemed to come out fine despite a slight over firing. I think it is time to change the sensing rod in my kiln. Anyway, I'll be finishing up that side job in Birmingham today and tomorrow and perhaps stop by to see a friend while I'm in town. She is a glass artist and I made her some new saucers for her glass fusing projects. I hope these work. the work won't take long so I'll still have a decent amount of time this weekend to work on some stuff here. I hope to work in the garden and get some things cleaned up around here. In the above photo you can see part of my freshly mowed "lawn"! It looks so much better but I actually have some more to do. I really need that tractor but that is going to have to wait just a little longer.

Here is a shot of Grendal giving me one of her looks. I had been out walking around the yard and garden instead of in the house feeding her snacks. She always looks at me like I'm insane when I try to get her to walk with me. Why walk around looking at silly things like plants when you can lie on the floor and eat! Crazy humans.

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Anonymous said...


Glad to see fall is finally ariving there, it's my favorite time of year. I agree that it's no fun to work outside all day in it though.

My wife and I came up last week and noticed the leaves were just starting to show signs of turning. We opened the windows at night which caused problems when an acorn or two decided to fall and hit the tin porch roof! It didn't bother me but it sure gave my wife a start! We're coming up again next weekend for the big quilt show in Collinsville on Friday. All the women will go to that and I guess my brother ,father-in-law and I will just loafer(that's what I do best).

Any luck on locating a non-construction job? I know you expressed an interest in trying to find a less strenuous line of work.
I'll keep my ears open and let you know if I run across something. With your list of skills you could handle maintenance work for schools, etc. The pay may not be great but the holidays are nice and the insurance is great!

Take care and start cutting some firewood.


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Floridacracker said...

Even here the air was cooler with a hint of fall.
Should be good football weather tonight at the local arena.

Anonymous said...

OMG ER, I never fail to be amazed by the stunning beauty you are surrrounded by! That top photo is just breathtaking.

Your fall is approaching, our spring has sprung lol


edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! Yeah, I love fall too even though I hate to see summer go...
I didn't know there was a big quilt festival in Collinsville! I bet they have some nice work there. I bet you and the other men can find some way to entertain yourself!
You know, I worked once in a maintenance dept. for Barber's ice cream. I appreciate the thought but I believe I would poke my own eyes out than to ever do anything like that again. I'm sorry but it was just awful and the pay is pretty bad for that sort of thing in this area. I'm thinking what I might do is just cut back to part time and then I can do my pottery the rest of the time.
I have some firewood but I need to split more! Next weekend I've got to start installing the new heater!
Ya'll stop by the next time you have a chance.

Hey FC! I just love that slight coolness in the air, especially at night!

Hey Molly! Well thank you! I'm very lucky to have this land, that's for sure as this area is quite pretty. I'll have to get some photos of some surrounding areas.
It just fascinates me that we are in opposite seasons! I'm sure you are glad to see spring arrive.

karl said...

i am excited for the season change. our garden was such a bust that planning for next year will start early. have a great weekend.

edifice rex said...

Hey karl! I'm kinda excited about a new season too because I can scrap what's left of the summer garden and plant a few new things for fall! Maybe that will do better. Hope ya'll have a great weekend too.