Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wishin' and Hopin'

Hey! I'm hoping that my readers down south (further than me!) are doing OK after Gustav! I know I have one reader in or around Prairieville, LA and Barry and his good family in Mobile, AL. Hope ya'll are safe and dry and did not incur much damage to your property.

Thanks bunches to all of you and for your wonderfully kind comments, comparisons and suggestions. I don't have much time these week nights so I may not get around to answering each comment but I do appreciate each one! I'm feeling better btw. A lot of my friends always say, "oh, Annie knows how to do anything; Annie's got it all together". Well, Annie doesn't know much actually so I do really try to learn from other people. I mean, I know a little about building and art but as far as life goes, I have always felt like I am just stumbling down a dark hallway, trying to figure out where I'm at. But you know, you can have lots of fun in the dark...or the sorta dark...or the broad daylight....uhh, what was I talking about? Anyway! Ha! Hopefully I'll be back soon with a decent post and maybe some photos of something.

*Dusty Springfield: If you've never given Dusty a listen, do yourself a favor and check out some of her music. A true classic.


Anonymous said...


Just a note to let you know we came through it okay, didn't even lose power this time! I can't help but think that the good Lord honored everyone's preparation and respect of the storm and their quick evacuation. Storms are gonna come our way, it's how you handle them that counts(didn't know I was a deep thinker did you).

You're too nice a person to beat yourself up, don't expect more than you can do.

Take care,


edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! glad to hear everything is OK and the storm didn't affect ya'll much.

Thanks, I'm just having to learn that I can only do so much. ;)

Ron said...

We've gotten a whole ton of rain here, but nothing else being further north.

I always feel like I'm trying to figure things out. Some things I've experienced over and over, and feel pretty sure about... but then I'll have more experiences and come back to question former conclusions. So, I guess there's two of us at least. :)

I frequently have to walk away from projects or seriously alter my expectations/timeframes... so I sure can relate to the feeling. I hope the path forward becomes clear for you.


edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! Thanks! I think things will become more clear as time goes on. I just get flustered sometimes and get all excited and run in circles.;) It's all part of life though.