Sunday, September 14, 2008

What Goes Around

I got the grass cut! Yea! Well, there is still lots of yard work to do but the yard looks soooo much better and I feel some better. I'm almost done with the side job in Birmingham also so that will be a great help to get that over with. I got all my pottery that I had thrown, trimmed and ready to dry. Here in this photo, some of it is still leather hard. That is hard enough to trim up but still has water in it. Now, it will sit until it has dried out and I will bisque fire it. I thought we would track it's progress after it is bisqued and glazed and then again after it is completely finished.

Same stuff, different angle. We have changed our hours at work since the sun is coming up later now, so I get to sleep until 4:00 a.m.! Woohooo! Man, that's pathetic. I bought nine brussel sprout plants this weekend but did not get around to planting those. The garden is the next thing I need to work on. I did mow in it some and cleaned up a little but you can't really tell. It needs some major work. I would also like to plant some lettuce and spinach and it is getting closer to the time to plant garlic.
In an effort to make myself feel better I was trying to make a list of just what all I did accomplish this summer and there are a few things.

*I ran about 60% of the siding. Several of the guys at work have volunteered to come up here one weekend soon and have a big 'siding party' to help me get that done before winter. I have to cook lunch for them and I'll buy them some beer!. My guys are so good to me and try to keep me going.
*I trimmed out several windows on the interior and exterior. I still lack the kitchen windows and the bathroom.
*Installed light fixtures (3) in bath.
*Sheetrocked partition wall between kitchen and living room. It's not finished though.
*Created flower bed along side driveway and transplanted several native flowers to this area. It does need to be reworked just a little to make it follow drive better.
*Harvested lots of okra, tomatoes, purple hull peas and green beans from garden. I did manage to put up a little of this for winter. Oh, peppers too.
*Stained about 30% of siding but having meltdown over colors again.

I think I probably did a little more here or there but can't think of much now. I have made a couple of small lists of things I must do before winter to work on now. And I might take off another week maybe next month or something to work on the house. My company is good to let us take vacation and they have always let me take extended time off for various things and come back when I was ready. We are so short of carpenters now though that I don't want to take a lot of time off.
Oh! I talked to one of my buddies Thursday night that worked on the railroad job! He is down in Slidell, LA with the boss we had at the railroad and the engineer too. Ya'll remember me telling you about possibly going there to work? Well, that job has started somewhat. It will probably be first of next year before they need any carpenters though. I don't know if I'll be asked to go however. I got into a bit of trouble with that boss at the end of the railroad job and he may not ask me to come down there. It won't hurt my feelings any if he doesn't. I mean, I still like the boss but don't know that I want to go down there for 2 years. Well, bedtime for me!


pablo said...

I almost always feel bad that I'm not doing more upkeep around my house in suburbia (much less my infrastructure at Roundrock), but then when I pass through a room and recall the things I have done I see that I haven't been completely idle. I could do more, yes, but I haven't been ignoring it altogether.

I think your review of your work is a healthy thing.

Also, no song title reference?

Elizabeth said...

Let's see now. You did all of those things, worked a full time long commute job, plus all of the normal things like clean house, cook food, do laundry, shop, etc, etc, etc....oh and did the side job. Good gracious I got tired just listing all you've done. LOL
Take it easy on yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lordy girl, for someone who thinks they don't get much done, you've certainly achieved plenty since that last post!



edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Well, it does help you to feel better about things when you can see an actual list of things and I even remembered a few more small items that I did.
Well, I didn't have a whole lot of time last night to think on songs so I just threw up something quick. I'll do better on the next post!

Hey elizabeth! Yeah, I was just a slug this summer...ha! just kidding! I'm trying to relax some, I promise!

Hey Molly! Well, all that was over the course of a whole summer but it's still not too bad I guess. ;)

Woody said...

That's knock'in the snot out of a to do list...

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You are making some real progress. You have reason to feel better.

A "siding party" could be real fun and a job which has dragged on will finally be done.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Yeah, that's not too bad but there's lots more to go!!

Hey Philip! Yeah, I'm getting there. I guess sometimes I lose sight of everything. The siding party will be lots of fun!! the guys have been wanting to come up here for a while now and they will do a good job for me.