Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stick It Out

We did not get enough rain at work this week to warrant a 'rain-out', so we are enjoying a 3 day weekend now. I hate the 10 hour days but the weekends are nice. I worked on the small side job in Birmingham yesterday and will go back today for a short while. Next weekend I should finish up so that will be great. I will make enough money off of that job to do something fairly substantial around the house or something.
I got home about mid-afternoon and set about trying to get the outside of the house back to some semblance of an occupied house. The grass has grown up so that it looks deserted around here. My goal for this weekend is just to cut all the grass and maybe try to get the garden cleaned up some. What meager bit of garden is still there is producing, so I'm trying to get what I can out of it. Of course, I pick this weekend to mow now that gas prices have gone through the roof and I need 5 gallons to finish this dang yard! Well, not that much but probably close. Serious thoughts of fencing part of the yard and getting a cow are going through my head. It is absolutely disgusting that these gas stations are allowed to run the price up so over this storm. We are not even going to get any rain off Ike and yet it has induced near panic at the pumps. Now, I realize the refineries in the Gulf have had to shut down again and a small jump in prices are to be expected, but our governor actually had to declare state of emergency here to insure that gas stations would just not blatantly take advantage of the situation. By the time I left my house and made it to downtown Birmingham yesterday, prices had shot up near $1.00/gal. more. Buying an electric mower is also a serious thought right now.
I also have some pottery drying in the basement that I need to attend to today. I am really wanting to do maybe one or two art shows this year just to get out and be around that community again. The shows closer to Christmas generally do better and there are a couple of decent ones not far from the house. So, that might be fun. I'll try to show some pics of the pottery as it progresses.
Well, got to get to work! Hope ya'll all have a good weekend.



pablo said...

I raised all of my boys with the non-negotiable goal of going to college in due time. They did. And then I found that I had to mow the lawn again. I don't know what I was thinking

Might be nice to see a post or two about your latest pottery efforts.

Aunty Belle said...

Ditto--we'uns would like to see your pottery.

Read backwards too--oooh! That blue skink is a lovely thang, ain't it? Onc't me a clan chile' found a red newt thang up in north Georgia woods under some damp leaves near a creek.

Edifice, (honey, that is a fabulous name fer yore blog, so perfect, literary an' all...jes tickles me) I wish't thar was a clone of you down heah in Central FLoridy...could sure use a lady of yore abilities. I need an old fashion corner cabinet built into the corner of the dinin' room, an' cain't find nobody to do it. Sigh.

Meanwhile, on the gas, I will say Uncle made be fill mah buggy up two days back, but reckon the high gas may last a spell.

Floridacracker said...

Whew! I can relate to grass so high it looks like an abandoned home. Just mowed mine finally and it was slow going through the tall stuff.
I've looked in to electric mowers too, I just have alittle too much yard for the present models.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Yeah, I hate mowing the grass; maybe it's because I've always had to do it even when I was a kid. I'll probably inflict my pottery on ya'll soon!

Hey Aunty! The blue skinks are so pretty;such an unusual color. I don't guess I've ever seen a newt. (that I know of)
Glad you like the name but I must admit a friend of mine thought it up, not me! If I lived down that way I'd be happy to make you a cabinet! Surely there would be someone around that could build something like that but it is hard to find good craftsmen these days.
Hopefully the gas prices will go back down soon for all of us.

Hey FC! It's going to take me all weekend to get my grass and garden cleaned up; it's awful! My yard is probably to be also but those Mowbots sure are neat!

Loretta said...

Same thing happened here in Jonesboro, Ar. Gas had gone down to $3.35, until yesterday morning when it went to $4.29 by noon. People were wating in line at wal mart for gas nearly an hour, police were called when a fist fight broke out when someone cut in line. People were going nuts!lol

edifice rex said...

Hey Loretta! My goodness! I don't understand what makes people act that way. Fortunately everybody here was calm but did make enough calls to our government that some prices actually went down a little.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I used to occasionally see wlaking sticks when I lived in the deep South, Southern Ontario. I have never seen one around here.

Consider a plain push lawn mower. They are a lot lighter and easier to push than when I was a child.

Ron said...

I don't have any grass yet... but if I did, I think I'd get a goat. Or something. Anything but mowing. :)

(although I do love the smell of fresh cut grass :))


edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! A goat sounds real good about now! Or several! Just keeping them here is the problem!