Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strange Fruits

I started not to use this particular song title because I thought maybe the real subject of the music was not appropriate. Some of you may remember this old Billie Holiday song which is about lynchings and I did not want it to seem that I was making light of the song's subject matter or being disrespectful. So, that's not the case and there is no ulterior meaning in the post, at least, not to me. But I don't think we should try to forget about certain works of art just because they speak of things we may find uncomfortable.
So, on to what I'm posting about. I believe these are muscadine grapes which grow wild in this region. There are many of these vines growing on my property. I don't know if they grow in our northern states but are prevalent in the south. Many people just love them and I believe that there is even a local vineyard that has begun producing a wine from the grapes but I really don't care for them. They have a very strong odor and thick skins. The taste is hard to describe; it's not altogether unpleasant but just not worth the effort to me.

If there are any local people reading who would like to come gather these, please contact me. You can have all you can find. They have a fairly large fruit and people make jelly and the aforementioned wine from them.

I have no idea what this shrub is and neither did Fred. If anyone might know I'd be glad to hear. The berries on these small trees do not seem pleasant to eat. I have not tried them but they don't smell particularly good. There are lots of these trees around here also.

There are several varieties of really cool grasses around here that I think would make some interesting landscaping specimens. This one is probably over 8 feet tall and grows in these neat little clumps. I think the trick might be keeping it in a neat little clump if I tried to cultivate it. You can't tell from the photo but it has very pretty silky, purple fronds on the top. It is probably just some old common grass gone wild but I like it.

There are also several types of ferns that grow here in abundance. But I love ferns so that's okay with me too. I have ID'ed the Christmas ferns and cinnamon ferns but am not sure what this is.

I'm still working on the heater today. We extracted it from Fred's house without a huge amount of difficulty and have it here at the house. Today's project is to get the basement cleaned up, the chosen spot cleared out and get the heater moved in place by this evening. It is ungodly heavy. I'll try to get some photos today of the whole process. Exciting I know.

*Billie Holliday


Floridacracker said...

Definitely muscadines. If I were closer I'd come pick em. You're right about the thick skin, but I love em anyway. Those are really big for wild ones.

The tall grass grows around here and the purpley tops are really pretty in the afternoon light.Seems to like wet feet around here.

I don't know the red berry, but feel like I should.

Gin said...

Try Googling pictures of Carolina buckthorn and see if that's your red berries.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! Yes, these seem really large and they are very healthy looking; no blemishes or anything. I'll eat one or two if I pass by them but I just can't get past that smell.!
Yeah, that grass grows in low spots here also where it might stay a little damp.

Hey Gin! Well, that looks very similar but the leaves look slightly different. Apparently there are quite a few varieties of buckthorn so it may very well be one of them.

Anonymous said...

Won't be long and that heater will be ready to go ER, so yes, I'd be excited LOL!

I always view your gardens and surrounds with joy, it is simply beautiful, reminds me of where I lived as a child every time!


edifice rex said...

Hey Molly! I am excited about it actually! Not the moving it part but the heating part! LOL!
I'm glad you like the pics of my woods and all. It is very pretty here.

Robbyn said...

Oh man, you have muscadines!! (the top pics) We had those growing wide on some property in Mississippi when I was young, and they make awesome jelly! (They smell somewhat grape-like, but different. I like it better than grape) Not really a table fruit, but great in things you want that particular flavor :)