Friday, September 26, 2008

Dig It!

OK, this is the second time I have tried to do this post. I got the last one ALL screwed up and just decided to start over. That's just the way things have been going lately. Anyway, last weekend Allen came over with the backhoe he rented and dug up a few stumps for me. He did a lot of work on cutting a new area on his land for a tractor shed/office and working on his driveway some. As you can see in this photo, I just let the area around that stump get overgrown and messy and it was really an eyesore. It took up quite a bit of space in the garden too.

But now it's gone! Hopefully, I will be able to till this area soon and amend the soil so as to get it ready for planting next spring. I am going to build a raised bed on this side of the garden for my strawberry plants too.

We took out two old, scraggly sweet gum trees also. They were just cluttering up the yard and shading the garden some, not to mention producing those horrible little spiky balls for me to step on. I have no shortage of sweet gum trees here. Unfortunately, I don't think it is a good firewood. We were amazed to see this tree's roots had completely encompassed a fairly large rock. No shortage of rocks here either. You can see the teeth on the backhoe made short work of the stump and Allen extracted the rock and hauled the stump off to the burn pile.

So then I graded the area by hand and pulled out all the weeds and roots and debris and hauled all that off. It looks tons better now! I'm very happy about getting this done. I also finally planted my brussel sprouts and cabbage. I hope to plant some lettuce and spinach soon but don't know if I'll get to that this weekend.
The big plan now is to get the wood burning heater installed in the basement. I actually turned the gas heater on this morning because it was so cool when I got up. Of course, as soon as the sun got up enough to start shining in the house, it warmed up enough to turn that off. I intended to start today cleaning out the area in the basement for the heater but didn't get around to it. I got distracted by the garden and just general chores that need doing. Washing clothes, dishes, cleaning and such. I've got to get an earlier start tomorrow though and really get something done.
I have just felt so disconcerted lately. The economic crap going on is very disturbing. Construction is usually one of the first things to grind to a halt if things get bad financially. We are a little slow as it is and are very uncertain what is going to happen in the near future. The building I'm on now will be completed but not sure what will be after that.
I woke up the other night thinking it was time to get up (I swore I heard the alarm go off) and even got up and started to wash up and make coffee but then saw it was only 11:30 pm. I went back to bed and woke up at the correct time, but then thought I had overslept and was rushing around only to realize in a few minutes that I was not late after all. I've had crazy dreams about stuff that actually happens later. Things are just very out of sorts and it's hard for me to concentrate on my work and things I need to do here. There are several things I want to post about but just can't seem to get my thoughts together on things. But I will start moving the heater tomorrow and preparing for winter. I have loaded up on propane; what I can afford anyway. I got the big tank filled and since I cook on a little portable stove, I bought a supply of the small bottles.
I'll try to post again tomorrow. I have some photos from work and around the property here. Maybe ya'll can help me out with some plant IDs.

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karl said...

i can't think of anything to post either. these politics seem to consume me. maybe it's because the stakes are so high. if mccain gets elected we'll be at war with russia before you know it. criminy can't people see him for the warmonger that he is?

deep breath... aaah..

Anonymous said...

Hi ER, that garden was certainly transformed!

I too get distracted from what I am going to do with other tasks around the house, I think that happens to us all sometimes lol

You know, a few years down the track you are going to be looking for things to do you will be so far ahead, the early years around our homes are always peak & valley in terms of how we see the amount of work remaining, you will get there!


edifice rex said...

Hey Karl! Yeah, I normally don't get too involved in political things, not that I don't participate or think they are important, I just don't live and breathe politics but it all has taken on a different cast now.

hey Molly! Yeah, I think everybody gets distracted, especially when you'd rather be doing something else. I hope one day that I will be looking for stuff to do here but I dont know! That seems very far away! LOL!

Aunty Belle said...

wow--fine garden that'll be!
an' Brussel Sprouts? I adore'em! Picked small-ish an jes' barely steamed, a bit of butter and pepper.

Doan worry too much--yes construction slows, but somethin' usually turns up.

edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! thanks, I think the garden will eventually be a real nice place. Yeah, that's just how I like my sprouts too! but I did recently read a recipe that calls for them sauteed with a little balsamic vinegar. Sounded great.

Robbyn said...

These are shaky times. Can't say I feel very good about either candidate and have a great deal of apprehension at what either (and their VPs) could end up doing irreparably to this country.

Hang in there...your garden is looking great!