Saturday, July 04, 2009

America The Beautiful

I guess this post is mostly for my fellow Americans but hope everyone has a great weekend, wherever you are. There are actually a ton of songs with 'America' in the title but I just love Ray Charles' version of "America the Beautiful". Brings tears to my eyes every time. Tried a little symbolic creativity with the photos and layout. I thought it came out well.
What is your favorite patriotic song? Hope ya'll have a great day of good food, friends and family and, if your town can afford it, maybe some beautiful fireworks.
I think I'll just be working on setting some large stones for retaining walls while I still have the excavator. It's a lovely day here. Maybe it won't get too hot.


Island Rider said...

Red, white and blue. Very beautiful!

Ed Abbey said...

For me it is always the "Star Spangled Banner." Especially when I think of this writing on the meaning behind the song. Very moving indeed.

The Country Experience said...

I heard this song today and it's stuck with me since then, Neil Diamond's "America."

Ron said...

Brings back memories of singing it in the dusty elementary school in Oklahoma City. I always did love that song. :)

It wasn't too hot here today, hope you are enjoying some moderate temps as well.


edifice rex said...

Hey IR! thank you very much.

Hey Ed! yes, very moving; thanks for sharing that.

Hey CE! yeah, I like that one too.

Hey Ron! good to hear from you; it wasn't too bad here. I worked outside all day. :)