Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rock Lobster

I haven't been able to come up with any new, interesting thing to photograph lately so ya'll are just going to have to endure more of the rock wall. This angle shows a little better view of the wall and the emerging pattern. I had Allen take the photo just so I could be in there for scale. The fact that he was taking the pics might also somewhat explain the previous post's photo. It's either that or he wants to photograph me from behind every time. Sheesh... lol! Some of the rocks are fairly large and I had to rig them with a lifting strap in order to set them in place. Allen did help me place one or two of the bigger ones. It helps greatly if someone can flag you. I didn't realize until I saw these photos that Lika is almost the exact color of the soil here.
I had a great idea last night that I am going to incorporate other materials, like copper wire, chunks of glass, metal etc. into the wall to fill some of the gaps between the big stones. I think it is going to look really cool. I'll need to get the stones all set first, in case they come get the machine, and then go back with a little mortar and the other objects. That will give me time to continue collecting really neat artifacts to stick in there. Big shells, broken pottery, railroad spikes, anything like that! I want these objects to blend in somewhat so that you don't really notice them right at first but then, after looking at the wall a bit, say hey! that's a seashell, or a bunch of copper or whatever.
I came up with another idea also lately. I'm going to find out how to establish my land as a nature preserve and sculpture garden so that it cannot be sold after I die and maybe people can enjoy what I build as sort of a park. People could come here to hike and picnic and enjoy the art and gardens around the place. That gives me something to strive for. I have no family that cares anything about this place but this might be something I could do that would benefit others. I have several sculptures waiting to be put up but need quite a few more. And it would be others work also, not just mine! But I need to do a bit of research into this.

It's raining here now and I think it's going to continue so don't know if I'll get to do much work on the wall this weekend. If so, I guess I'll work on my window.

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countrypeapie said...

I almost didn't even see Lika! Your wall looks great, and I love the idea of incorporating other materials. You could probably grow some small ferns in the crevices as well.

What a great idea about the nature preserve/sculpture garden!

page said...

this is my first contact although I have been following your blog for some time----adore the rock retaining wall and would love to maybe contribute some of my pottery shards to your effort, if you want---I make pieces with faces on them, in the middle of nowhere, blissful in KY---found you for the pottery aspect and love the dreams and heart rocks---and you get to play with such nice toys:)---I have a small tractor I call my little red hen--I feel the same about our bit of ground, in terms of making it park like, interesting and environmentally good---you've got a nice eye---maybe we will meet someday.

Floridacracker said...

You took my line! I enlarged the photo (guilty) before reading your text and Lika's color match with your Alabama soil was the second thing that jumped out at me in the shot.

He looks like he is thriving under your care.

You can see the artist in you in the wall. It's not just a functional stack of rocks. The thought and artists eye is evident in the arrangement and fitting of the stone.
I keep thinking of Mayan temples when I look at your joinery.

Very impressive.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! thanks! yeah, I have thought about ferns or other small plants; that would look great! I like the idea of a nature preserve too!

Hello Page! Great to hear from you and thank you very much for all your kind words. I saw your website and your work is absolutely beautiful! I would be honored to have some of your shards for my wall. I think that would be fantastic! Your firing methods would go great against the stone. Thanks so much for your offer. Email me and we can work out how I can get them.
And you have a tractor! I want a tractor! Maybe one day and yes, maybe we could meet one day, I need to know more ceramic artists.

Hey FC! Which line?! Rock Lobster? Ooh, you know I ain't real sharp. The wall was the first thing that jumped out at you, right?!
You flatter me with the Mayan temples comparison. I wish I could come that close but thank you very much for your compliments. I try hard.
Lika is doing very well. He's so sweet. A very loving and laid back dog. Just right for me. I found some brewer's yeast vitamins that has really helped his coat. He's looking slick!

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

that sounds like such a cool idea. what a great project.

edifice rex said...

Hey PB&D! thanks and thanks for stopping by. Great to hear from you.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Edifice Rex:

I agree with previous commentor that your wall looks like a work of art. I'm a bit of a purist though and would prefer just the rock and stone, with no bling to distract the eye. But that's just me. Isn't great when we have our own land, we get to do exactly what we want - as you should!

A generous thought - to leave the property as a nature preserve. Probably take some research on how to do that so that developers don't get their hands on it.

Good luck with all your amazing ideas!

edifice rex said...

Hey Bonnie! thanks for all your kind words. I normally like very pure materials and designs myself and am hoping to blend the "bling" in so that it doesn't just jump out at you. That's why I want to use natural or earthy accents; things that originally came from the earth and take on that patina with age like copper and ceramics.
Yeah, I'm going to have to do a lot of research for the nature preserve thing. I know you can do it through the Nature Conservancy and we have at least one organization specific to my state for such a thing.