Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ramble On

These are some old photos but I thought I'd just post these to show my method of building a raised bed for planting. Not that it's all that great but a lot of you say you get ideas from me so I thought this might help somebody. First, I just cut and stack the timbers to the size bed I want. And this works no matter if you are using landscape timbers (like these) or square timbers or whatever. As long as they can be stacked. And I always interlock my corners for added stability.
This is an auger bit, about 14" long. Now, I know not everybody has these as they are a little expensive but you might be able to borrow one if you don't want to buy one. This bit is 1/2" diameter I believe. And you'll probably need to use a corded drill for this. I don't know that a cordless would have enough power.
So, holding the drill very plumb, drill all the way down through all of the timbers. Be careful as you approach the depth you need and try not to let the bit shoot through and go too deep into the dirt. This will dull it prematurely. Also, go kinda slow if you are not used to using such a drill and bit. These larger bits can snag and it can break your wrist if you are going too fast and get caught up in it.
Next, just drive a piece of rebar all the way through the timbers, until it is flush with the top of the wood and I usually go about 10-12" into the dirt. I am using a 1/2" bit and the rebar is #4 bar (1/2") so that the rebar is very snug in the hole. If you drill too big a hole for the rebar that kinda defeats the purpose. It must be snug. I use 2 bars at each corner and anywhere there is a joint, like this. I am about rebar like Ron is about pallets I guess! It is handy for so many things and you can often get it for free.

I am so happy we have a 3-day weekend! I hope to get more done this weekend than last. I ended up meeting my sister and her kids at a local, and very large, water park not far from here last Saturday and so didn't get a lot done. But that was OK. We had a fun time and I got to relax and see some family. You almost got your racy photos Pablo, as I wore a bikini, but alas, no camera! Ha! Good thing. Then, an artist friend of mine come up Sunday and we made clay stuff all day and I cooked lunch for her. We had a great time talking abut men and all such stuff.

So, I have some questions: If you have read my blog for a while and never (or rarely) commented, will you tell me why? Why do you keep reading if you don't feel the need to comment? I like to write regardless and will continue to do so and about what I want but I'm just curious. I do like to try to post about things that are interesting.

*Led Zeppelin


AD said...

I always read but don't always know what to leave as a comment. I will try harder though as I know the feeling of having a blog, knowing you have readers, and yet not receiving many comments. It can be a bit disappointing.

Em said...

I never comment because I never know what to say. I kind of idolize you. You are doing a lot of the things I'd like to do. I'd like to run a B&B, teach cooking, art and run a hobby farm. Not quite the same thing, but independent strong woman stuff. You're posts are much anticipated. I really do wish you the best.

Pablo said...

Think about it. How often do you write a letter to the editor after you've read an article you really liked in the newspaper? Probably almost never. You read the piece, sigh at the wisdom expressed that you wish you'd thought of, lament that there weren't any racy photos, and look forward to tomorrow's edition. I think that's how most people come to blogs. For others there is some aspect of conversation to it, and they are the ones who leave the comments.

edifice rex said...

Hey AD! I have always felt your blog was kinda just for keeping family and friends updated on what ya'll were up to, but I've always enjoyed it.

Hey Em! thanks so much for your kind words and well wishes. Sheesh, to not know what to say, you really know what to say! lol! I hope also that you are able to do these things that you dream of.

Ah, Pablo, point well taken. I do like the conversation aspect of it though. Maybe because I am by myself a lot.

Richard said...
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Richard said...

I seldom comment on other peoples blogs.

It's more fun to hide in the trees and watch what you are doing...:-)

countrypeapie said...

Did you go to Spring Valley Beach? I went with the kids and Leah's Girl Scout troop a couple of weeks ago. Water slides are fun! Have a great long weekend!

Island Rider said...

My husband built my flower beds in exactly the same way. People like you and him are so impressive to me to think about how to put such things together. I read every time you post, but don't always comment because I can't always think of anything funny or witty to say and feel like I would just be wasting space. But, I'm out here listening and enjoying seeing your world through your eyes.

Loretta said...

Great idea on the flower beds. Maybe my hubby will fix me some. I don't comment much because everyone else has all ready said what I wanted to I really enjoy reading your posts.

Elizabeth said...

Poor Pablo, no racy
Same here Annie, I enjoy your posts but either don't have time to respond or other's have already said it. Have learned a lot from you so hang in there girl. Hope all of your war, I mean work wounds are healing well. Have you ever heard of tea tree oil? The other name for it is Melaluca oil. It is fantastic. It is all we ever use now. BUT DON'T use it on cats or dogs it is too strong.

edifice rex said...

Hey Richard! Ha! you peeper!;) well, I'm glad you comment on mine as much as you do!

Hey Pea! yeah, that's where we went. I had never been before; it was a lot of fun. The big slides are fun but it's hard to keep your mouth shut when you are laughing so hard and then you choke on the water!

Hey IR! thanks, although I don't know where I came by that method of building. I probably saw somebody else do it. ;) I enjoy your comments.

Hey Loretta! thanks and glad you enjoy the blog. Now, don't wait on your hubby; you can do it!

Hey Elizabeth! thanks! I enjoy your comments too when you leave them!
I do use tea tree oil but have to sparingly; I guess I'm a little sensitive to it. It will blister me if I don't dilute it well. But it's great for lots of stuff!

Erin from Iowa said...

My reason is so lame! I read blogs on a netbook and the keyboard is the devil to type on! I am a new reader and have added you to my Google Reader.

karl said...

i like re-bar, pallets but use copper pipe to excess. i bought a bunch of fittings at per pound price once and saved lots of scrap copper from solar hot water tear-offs.

i guess when you see materials laying around their use becomes inherent in the make-up of a design.

btw, i comment when i can. computer time is becoming more of a premium. i think that some posts are more comment compulsive than others. i never know what will make people reach out and comment like crazy. one small observation i have made is that the more diverse of a post i make the more comments that seem to roll in. by diverse i mean little nuggets of dissimilar information; garden, construction, kids, environment, dramas, discoveries, homesteading, animals to name a few.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! well, glad to have you! hope you continue to read and enjoy!

Hey karl! Yeah, copper pipe is sweet to salvage; you can do so much with it. and yeah, what you have to work with definitely plays on the design but I like that; the challenge of coming up with something with what you have on hand. you do a good job with that.
I have noticed the same thing about comments too. I guess if there is several different subjects, within one post, people can just pick the one they want to comment on.

Ed Abbey said...

Annie, I am one of those who read every new post on any blog linked in my sidebar (yours included) but don't always comment. I find that I comment most often when I feel I can contribute something to the post. Plus not commenting allows me to read more blogs in a limited amount of time.