Monday, July 13, 2009

Lean On Me

I haven't shown Lika lately so I thought I would try my new camera out on him. I had in mind that he would be a bigger dog but I think he has gotten about as big as he is going to. That's okay though. He's very sweet and loving and rarely ever barks. Just the kind of dog I like.
What a sweet face! Lika's that is. I guess I should get him a buddy though, since I work so much.
I've been trying to carve out some time in order to post something a little longer but it hasn't worked so far. Just as well probably, as I have also been rather depressed these past 2 weeks and what I write would not be very good. As ya'll can probably guess, that's something I wrestle with a lot at times. Unfortunately, along with my artistic abilities, I apparently have the ****ed up brain that so many creative people seem to be afflicted with. But I'm working to get better and maybe if I come up with something I can relate it to ya'll. I know a lot of people suffer from similar problems so maybe I can help somebody else.
So, I'll try to show the retaining wall I'm working on and the beginning of the stained glass window. We actually got some rain Sunday night! Quiet a bit I think.


countrypeapie said...

Sweet pictures! Can't wait to see the glass. I thought about you yesterday in traffic when I was behind a trailer with Caution Horses on the back of it. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone while we were stopped at a traffic light, but there wasn't enough sunlight.

Rita said...

This is so totally out of the blue but I wonder if depression might come from working so much. If possible try working less and have less expectations of what you want from life materially. I so could be off the ball here. Just trying to help. I find my own self in your spot at times and trying to figure it all out. At this point I'm buying things that inspire me - living on less - and spending time with my pup & saving all that I can. What a wonderfully sweet dog you have. Mine does not bark either and I'm happy about that.

Kymber said...

your dog has a sweet face and so do you!!! so there!!!

i agree with Rita...i think you need some more downtime and reflection time...time for yourself - time for a little nurturing...

i love your blog btw!

Pablo said...

Maybe you should just make shorter but more frequent posts. You don't have to "shake the world" with each post. A few hit-and-run posts or pix would be fine for all of your fans.

Anonymous said...

awww, such a cutie! Thats a wonderful picture of you both!

ER have you thought about seeing a dr to check if there is a chemical imbalance causing your depression? Or perhaps some herbal treatments from a Naturopath if nothing found?

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! Haha! I think that was the first Junkies album I bought while in college. Those were some memories.

Hey Rita! Well, that's a long reply right there. I work basically what I have to but that's about to change. And as far as materially, I don't want much. I work to buy material for my house, not to buy 'stuff' or fancy things, you know. I live very simply actually. Working so much does get me down, at times, because I feel like I don't have a life sometimes. I appreciate your input and like I said, that subject is a whole 'nother post.

Hey Kymber! Great to hear from you! Thank you on all accounts! I do need some downtime and some nurturing, but where do you find such?

Hey Pablo! Well, I've tried to make just some short posts or post just photos but lately, I haven't had time it seems even to get some pics up!

Hey Molly! I have gone to the Dr. and for a while took some meds but it was horrible and getting off the meds was hell. I'll never do that again. I do take some natural therapies now and they do help some. Right now, it is mostly hormonal and some recent events that I haven't said anything about. I go up and down with it at times. I appreciate your concern and suggestions.

Anonymous said...

pssssst ER! I have done a little artwork for you to cheer you up, using the pic of you and lika, email me and i will send on

Kymber said...

well girl...start with planning a day of nurturing...maybe a saturday or a sunday.

get yourself a really good book and make sure that you have your favourite tea and your favourite snacks on hand.

wake up on the morning of your nurturing day and go outside and look at your garden and your house and fully acknowledge to yourself how much work you have done. then sit in the grass and sip your tea. hug your dog. be proud of your accomplishments.

then it is time for breakfast or a snack. make for yourself whatever calls to you...a bacon and egg wrap or a bowl of cherry ice cream. savour your meal. no thinking about work or anything that needs to be done. just enjoying your snack and tea. at the end of the probably need more tea!

now go for a walk around your house. savour it. find a beautiful spot. set down your tea and your book. read a bit but stop everytime you hear a bird or something moving in the trees or any activity in the yard. read some more. feel lazy. and nappy. sounds like you now need a nap. go have a nap. no worries about anything.

when you get up from your nap - you need a snack. a nice bowl of soup and crackers. and tea. savour it. go for another walk. be proud of your accomplishments - recognize them. time to go and lay on the couch and read some more. feel free. be content.

bath time. run yourself a bath and make yourself enjoy it. soak for at least 20 minutes. let the water soothe you.

suppertime. make your favourite meal. devour it. no worries. remember again all that you have accomplished in your life. walk around your yard after eating. touch your handiwork. be proud of yourself and feel free. open yourself to the universe. be free.

now its evening and i hope that you picked up some movies. make popcorn. add a ton of butter. flop down on the couch and watch a fave movie or even two. enjoy them. hopefully one is a sad movie. cry. cry some more. cry the stress out. feel. breathe. believe in all of your dreams.

time for bed. climb into your bed and humbly thank the universe for a beautiful day. no worries. just grace.

try and do this for yourself at least once a week. if you can't do a full day - do an evening of nurturing. or an hour. i promise that you will feel better.

i don't want to harp and this comment is already long enough eh?
but never forget all that you have been through in life...and never forget the beauty. remember all of the beauty. savour the beauty.

and remember that you are beautiful! and nurture your beautiful soul. you were given dominion over a very beautiful thing - take really good care of it and all of your dreams will come true...i promise!

edifice rex said...

Hey Kymber! Wow, that does sound like a nice day. I actually do bits and pieces of that already most weekends. I make a nice breakfast for myself and enjoy a cup of coffee. I do take time out during the day to admire what I've done and sit with Lika and Grendal and enjoy the flowers and such. I read when I feel like it in the evenings (since there is usually no one else here.) So, I don't work absolutely all the time! lol! Just a lot. I need to take some time to do some art. To me, that is nurturing.