Sunday, July 12, 2009


Has it been a week since I last posted?! It doesn't really seem like it but I've not really been keeping up with things lately. Been just kinda wandering aimlessly this past week. I still have work to go to but it is getting slower and slower. I have been working at the house, setting some very large stones for a retaining wall at the parking area to the house. I'll show some photos of that soon.
I went out last night and shopped for a new camera. Staples was selling some of their display cameras for clearance prices and I got a great deal on a Canon PowerShot. It seems to be in excellent condition, even having been on display. Allen returned from England this past week and while he was away (with the camera) I just happened to look at some of the new ones available. He can keep that old one now!
I finally broke down and ordered glass to do the window for the bathroom. It arrived a couple of days ago. I was going to build it out of what glass I already had but after I got the glass out it just didn't seem suited to the pattern, so I ordered some more 'contemporary' looking stuff. If it rains today I will work on that.
I went out to a gallery opening Friday night with a couple of friends and that was fun. I've also talked to several other friends, through Facebook, that I have not seen in years and so that has been interesting. I don't really get the Facebook thing though. Looks like Cat Daddy might be home next weekend so maybe we can go out. I need to. He wants me to visit him out of state and I might.
I'll try to post some new photos soon and maybe have a new story to tell or something.

*Jimi Hendrix


Jenn said...

I haven't gone to a gallery opening in decades. I love them, what a great mix of people they always produce!

Pablo said...

I like my PowerShot. It does a lot more stuff than I'll ever learn how to use.

karl said...

i don't really get the facebook thing either. i have all my posts on blogger auto-copy to my wall and that is about all they get from me. although, i do banter with my best friend there since he is steeped in facebook. i guess too many weird high school stalker type incidents got me down...

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! Yes, they do and I always enjoy going. I try to hit several a year just to get out and meet new people.

Hey Pablo! I really like this one so far.

Hey karl! well, I guess I just prefer to email (or call) somebody directly! I guess it still seems impersonal.