Saturday, July 18, 2009

No Rest For The Wicked

Sonovabeeeech! they found me a new home after all. So, I'm not laid off. Now, I am in no way complaining of having work, let's get that straight right now. I'm just messing. I was just looking forward to having some rest and getting some projects done at the house. But they called my boss first thing Friday morning and said to send me over Monday morning to another job downtown. At least it is a little closer to the house. My boss walked over to me, grinning like a mule eating saw briers, "you thought you was going to get some rest, didn't ya?"
This is the job I'm leaving. I knew the minute I finished the last of the welding, my butt was gone and so it is. Can't say that I'll miss it here. I enjoyed the crew here though but they are all gone anyway. I was the next to last one left.
This is a subcontractor demoing an old wall to expand the aerosol room (where they store things that can blow up). You can see the new wall we put up on the right. They saw the wall up in sections and then basically push each section down. You can see the large saw blades attached to the tracks on the wall. They have been having a time with this thing. I really feel for these guys. I believe the walls are about 40 feet tall. Very dangerous work.
The saw blades for this type work are coated with tiny diamonds and they run them with water to cut concrete and block work etc. So, that's why you see all that water in the floor. It makes a big mess and the guys inevitably end up half-coated in the slurry. The foreman for this crew did ask me to have dinner with him (that's him in the lower right hand corner; the one not doing anything!). They are having to work 2 shifts to get this wall down in time though, so who knows when, or if, I'll hear from him.
We meet every morning up by the connex (our tool trailers) to sign in and talk for a minute before we go to work. There is a large field there and I have seen little bunnies out there several times. I like how the early morning sun lights their thin ears up!
After I took the first picture I saw movement and realized there was another one right there! Two bunnies! As I moved a little closer they froze and held soooo still.
I will also not miss this! This is the famed Malfunction Junction in downtown Birmingham and they named it correctly. I had to go through here twice a day. Don't worry, we were sitting still when I took this picture! I have also worked on the Alabama Power building which is the big, brownish one right above the car ahead of me. I will be going to a job that is kinda over to the right and way in the background. That is the UAB section of Birmingham and I will be at a hospital, although not UAB. My company does a lot of work in health care and we are very proud of that. We, as Alabamians are also very proud of UAB and all of the health care industry here. UAB is one of the top research hospitals in the world.
I didn't realize how pretty the clouds were when I took the picture! Maybe I'll have some house progress to report by Sunday also. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*Cypress Hill / I am not a fan of this group so nobody freak if you know who they are. I just wanted the song title.


Ron said...

"Hits from the bong"?????!! Shame on you! LOL :)

Ahh, good to feel needed (just not TOO needed, eh?). Those photos are really something, very cool. I like the radioactive bunnies too. :)


Island Rider said...

Congrats on more work. Were those pics taken with your new camera. they are nice!

Bonnie, Original Heart Studio said...

I'm new to your blog and still have to read your previous posts to get the "backstory" on you. But I've read enough to say, you are one amazing woman. Wish I had your skills and guts.

Richard said...

Way To Go Annie...Just be thankful for all the work you can get. I know you want to get to the house but you have to eat and pay the bills first.

Floridacracker said...

Yeah work!
Boo no vacation!

That's what happens when you are good, they won't let you rest!

Rurality said...

Geez they couldn't even give you a week, huh? :)

Hey I used to work in a building in that picture too. The one that looks like it's just to the left of the brown one you mentioned.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! Haa! I looked up the lyrics to "No Rest.." and OMG! they are awful! And I'm a construction worker! lol!
It is good to feel needed but yeah, I could use some rest! please!
Glad you liked the photos. We do some cool stuff but man, I wish I could have gotten a pic of their pallet room for you. 27,000 sq.ft. of nothing but wooden pallets stacked 20 feet high at times. You would've passed out.

Hey IR! thanks. Yes, those pics were taken with my new camera; I'm really happy with it so far.

Hey Bonnie! Glad to have you and thank you very much for your kind words but I don't know if it's guts or just lack of good sense! :D
I checked your blog out too and must add it to my list! I see that you are a psychotherapist so if you do go back and get my "backstory" I'm sure you'll have a field day with it! At least my life hasn't been boring...

Hey Richard! I am thankful and you are right; I can always use the money. I still believe I'm going to get my time off shortly though!

Hey FC! Yeah!! Well, maybe that's what happens when all the other carpenters are in Macon, GA. Ha! Ha! I like to think I do okay though.

Hey Karen! Not even a week! But I think it's still coming though.
the AT&T building? or whatever that is?