Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pretty Beat Up

I fully intended to post before now but stuff just has a way of coming up and getting in the way. This has been a bit of a rough week so far; I hope it finishes up a little softer. First thing Monday morning I gauged a big ol' hole in my arm on a piece of rebar. It just missed that big vein that runs over your wrist. If I had hit that, I'd have had a mess. It's sore and I've had trouble getting it to stop bleeding. I need to update my tetanus shot. Well, just one more scar for the collection I've got going on my left forearm. Then, the next day I tripped over something and fell about as hard as you can fall, face down, on the concrete floor. Well, the stack of steel pipe I hit on the way down did slow me some. So, I'm sore from that. I was going to post last night but a guy I used to date called and we talked for about an hour, but it was nice to have that long a conversation. Grendal and Lika are not the best conversationalists. Today, I just took it kinda easy after I got home.
So, enough whining. I harvested the rest of the cabbage out of the garden. I think next year I need to plant that even earlier. I have 4 baby cantaloupe growing now! I'm so excited. Now, if the raccoons just don't get them. The rest of the veggies seem to be doing well but I am having to water quite a bit. It's a great thing to not have a water bill. We got a good amount of rain earlier in the year and now it's just like someone turned the faucet off completely. Everything is bone dry.
I'm still working but it is getting very slim. Might last another week or another month; no idea.

I will do the posts that you all requested but it will have to wait until the camera returns. No sense doing instructional things without pictures, so ya'll try to bear with me. Rich, give me a little more time on the pics you wanted; I'm still looking. I found a couple but wanted more.
Now that I'm sitting down to write I can't really remember what it was I wanted to say. Seems like it was more than this. Oh well. I do have a couple of posts I want to do, since I don't have fresh pictures and the subject matter is something that I have recently received several comments and emails on. It will probably be my last post on the subject. So, hope everyone is staying cool and still working.

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Loretta said...

Ouch!! You remind me of myself...sometime i am my own worse enemy. Our weather is the same, all spring the rain poured, now nothing. Just got my first yellow neck squash, can't hardly wait to see baby pumpkin's and watermelons. Take care.

Floridacracker said...


And be careful out there!

I hope the work prospects pick up for you soon and that the raccoons avoid your fruit.

Woody said...

Klutz! ;)

edifice rex said...

Hey Loretta! I'm not normally this bad about stuff but if you work in my business it's just going to happen sometimes. Hope you get some rain soon.

Hey FC! I know! I need to! thanks.

Hey Woody! heehee! you don't know the half of it! ha!

Rurality said...

Ow! Ow! Ow! That hurts just reading about it.

Did you get the rain last Sunday? I think everybody but us did. It's getting crunchy here.

countrypeapie said...

Yeouch! Glad you're alright.

We want to make a rain barrel, and to recycle our grey water. I've just started watering the garden over the past couple of weeks. Wish some of that rain would come back around.

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Yeah, it hurt doing it too! We got just a little rain, maybe for 20 minutes and then it just stopped and the sun came back out.

Hey Pea! yeah, I'm okay and not so sore today. I wish some of that rain would come back around too!