Friday, August 21, 2009

Bits And Pieces

Well, I have gotten squat done on the house this week. To have done so well last week, this week has been a bust. Between all the rain, trying to cut the grass, intermittently fix the push mower, having my computer repaired and just general loafing, I have not accomplished much of anything. A day or two of that is okay every once in a while but a whole week is inexcusable.
While mowing the grass, I scared this guy up out of the weeds. I know it was at least 6" across.
What a face!
I have prepared part of the foundation wall for waterproofing, which I hope to do next week as it dries out. I ran some siding but am waiting on Allen to bring the big ladder back so I can reach the eaves on front. I have to completely finish the north side before I can turn the corner to the west end, because the scaffolding etc. is attached to the west wall. I did do a little more clearing with the excavator earlier in the week before the rain started.
Here you can see the "eyes" a little. Such a pretty creature.
I must kick it into a higher gear on the house and I also have people calling me wanting side work but I'm really trying to avoid that, as odd as that may sound. I don't want any side work; I want to work on MY stuff! I do have two jobs that I have pretty much committed to but they won't be too bad and I'll make pretty good on them.
Found another one of these. It was a funny thing: I had not heard from Dale in over 6 weeks and so I called just to see if he was still kicking and left a message. He called me back about a half hour later and we talked for a while. He's about the same but sounded okay. Anyway, while we were talking I was walking around the yard and sat down on one of the logs at the flower bed by the drive. I just happen to look down between my feet and saw this. I sit at that spot all the time and never noticed it before. No, I don't think it means anything; just kinda odd. Dale is still in Louisiana and is off to Houston in about a month to do a job there. He told me he was home about 3 weeks ago and called me 2 or 3 times because he wanted to see me but the calls would never go through. He said he couldn't even get my message service. Thought that was odd too.
I have given up on hearing from the concrete cutting guy even though he asked me twice if I would go out with him and I made sure to give him my number. Why do guys do that? I mean, act all interested and then never call. Chickens**t.
And a friend came by several weeks ago and gave me the number of another friend that he thought I might like to meet. I actually tried to call the guy but his phone would never answer. It either said the number was out of service or just wasn't accepting calls. Period. So there. I think I have the mark of Cain on me. The karmic juju of love is against me but it's getting a great, big laugh out of taunting me with these hearts strewn about.
Oh well, back to work; that's what I know best anyway. Hopefully, I will have something on the house to show you soon.

*The Dave Clark Five


Floridacracker said...

I swear, I love coming here Annie. I never know if it will be wildflowers,construction tips, romance,cute pics, or neat dreamy coinkydinks.

I'd loan you my ladder if they didn't put Alabama so dang far from the peninsula of Florida.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! thanks on everything man! helps my feelings a lot.

Patsy said...

I'm with FC, I love coming here. I wish I could be as open as you and put as much of my real self in my writing as you do.

countrypeapie said...

Annie's definition of squat:
cut grass, prep foundation, run siding, excavate

My definition of squat:
merge ass with couch

Beau said...

Amazing moth pictures...and yup, it does feel so much better to focus on our own priorities! Like that rock too.

edifice rex said...

Hey Patsy! thanks! well, sometimes I wonder if it's good to be very open and then I think sometimes it might be better for everybody if people were more open. I don't know! There is actually lots I don't tell!

Hey Pea! haha! well, I'm used to what we do at work I guess.

Hey Beau! thanks!