Friday, August 14, 2009

I've Just Seen A Face

I have just recently come to find out that one of my readers is a quite talented ceramic artist residing in Kentucky and she sent me these wonderful pieces to use in my wall. Aren't they great!? Supposedly, these are all seconds but I can find little wrong with them. She calls them NQR's (not quite right) and so I thought they were especially appropriate for me! You can check out more of her work here. I am very pleased and grateful that she would offer to send me these and think they will make a wonderful addition to sneak in here and there amongst the stones. I have already found the right spot for two of them. In case you are wondering also, these are fired to maturity (meaning the clay has vitrified), so they will last about as long as the stone.
This piece fits in better than what this photo seems to show. I think in person all those shadows don't seem quite as concealing and the little cup fills up the space just right. After the wall is complete I will pressure wash the whole thing and then go back and permanently affix these and the other objects with a little mortar. I think this will all look great because you don't really notice the objects at first. It takes a few minutes of looking to start seeing them.
Also, check out her husband's blog, here. He is from England, which I'm sure makes living in the deep South a special adventure, and his writings are absolutely delightful.
I'm so happy to make their acquaintance (as with all my readers) and really helps me on days that I feel kind of alone. My life is so different than what most women experience that it really makes me feel like the odd nut most of the time. Not that I mind really but, I don't know, it does make me feel good when other people want to participate in the nuttiness!

In other news, they have not yet picked up the excavator (which I thought they were going to do yesterday) so more work on it today. And I have several social things planned over the weekend so I may not post much. But who knows? Hope ya'll have a great Friday!

*The Beatles


Sis said...

Beautiful pieces they are and I see three faces, counting the white bird's head with part of its body. The black piece shows a bow. Just magical!
Oh how I love your blog, Annie. Thanks for all your efforts for your readers. You're such a busy girl with much ambition. Admirable.

edifice rex said...

Thank you very much, Sis! I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog. Hope you had a good trip.

Rurality said...

Well, first, I am green with envy that somebody sent you something so cool. :)

Second, I wish I'd read your blog before the dinner the other night, I would definitely have complimented you on those stairs. They are such a thing of beauty.

Third, excellent use of song title, lol.

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Oh, aren't they cool!! and yeah, you ought to keep up with my blog better! lol! You talked me into this mess!
thanks on all accounts!