Thursday, August 06, 2009

Too Much To Ask

I had grand designs to move this rock over to my wall from the far side of the house. I put my boot in there to show scale but it doesn't do the stone justice. It seems much bigger standing next to it. I was able to dig the rock up (you can see how much was buried) and move it out into the open but couldn't get it picked up with the bucket. So, I thought I would put a strap on it and carry it that way. I had successfully moved one other rock that way and I was able to strap the rock and get it about a foot off the ground but that was about it. These excavators have a small dozer blade on the front which you can also use as an outrigger to stabilize yourself when picking an object or digging. When I let off on the blade, in order to travel, the front of the machine started tipping forward and forward....and so I let the rock back down and took the strap off. This is how you decide which rocks will just be lawn ornaments.
Little Tachie (the excavator) just didn't have enough ass to carry that much rock so we tucked our tails between our legs and had to settle for this little thing. Not even a bucket full. Pfft. Well, it all helps!
I have made a little more progress on the wall and added one found object just to see how that is going to work. Can you spot it?
Here is a full view of all I have up so far. Actually, I think I continued to work after I took this and I have the wall up to it's full height all the way. It's almost addictive to me to start working on this because it becomes like a game to find just the right rock to fit and so on. I worked until it was almost dark. Hopefully, I will have lots of time for it next week.
I think my design work is fair but then you find something like this. Such subtle beauty in this tiny design. Makes my handiwork look clumsy and awkward.

*Avril Lavigne


Floridacracker said...

How nice to have all that native stone and the equipment and skill to move it.

As for the snail, it's beautiful, but it's just a repeated pattern. I think your artwork wins by a landslide.


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

I would be so proud to be doing what you are doing - but I'm afraid it would never happen. It must be like solving a puzzle - a puzzle that will be an art sculpture for years to come. Bravo - I'm so impressed!

Rich said...

"...added one found object..."

I spotted it, but am unsure about what it is.

Is it a tooth off an excavator bucket? It seems like I read somewhere in your postings about you finding some in your garden or road.

Weren't sledgehammers invented to turn big rocks into little rocks? Hit that rock enough times in the right spot and you will have a story to tell when it is placed in the wall.

Pablo said...

I'm with FC on this. You're work is better than a mere pattern.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! Well, thank you sweetie. The repeated patterns are nice to me in their simplicity though.
Yes, I am VERY fortunate to have all this stuff to work with and virtually no cost!

Hey Bonnie! Thank you very much. I am proud that I can do this and share it with ya'll. It makes it feel more worthwhile if I can share it and maybe give others some ideas.

Hey Rich! Yes, you are correct; it is a tooth from a trackhoe bucket. I haven't found any here but get these from work or the warehouse when they service the machines and put new teethies on the buckets. The guys know I like weird things like that and save them for me.
I could bust the rock I suppose but I hate to for some reason. the earth made that rock into that shape and I just don't feel right about changing it.

Thank you very much Pablo!

Woody said...

Try dragging your big prize. A skid has worked wonders for me when I found a few boulders too big to pick up with the skid steer.

I think your design ROCKS!

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! hehe! thanks, man! I did think about dragging it and could with the strap but I think I'll just try to find another. I'd have to go waaay around, down Allen's drive etc. because I don't want to go over my field lines or nice lawn and all that. Fortunately, there are PLENTY of big rocks around here! lol!

countrypeapie said...

Lookin' good! Love the wall and the snail.

edifice rex said...

Thanks Pea!

Jenn said...

The wall is beautiful!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! Thank you!

Ed Abbey said...

I used to do some contract engineering work for a company that made bucket teeth so I always had some laying around the office. I always dreamed about mounting a row to the bumper of my car and tearing a fender or two off of the offending car in front of me. It obviously didn't happen which is why I am able to blog about it instead of being in jail!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! I've dreamed the same thing many, many times... lol!