Monday, August 17, 2009

Southern Nights

If you look closely, some of you may recognize this building. In person it is instantly recognizable but then, you get a better view. The little 'town' is so small it's actually hard to get a good shot of anything. All southerners would know this place as the Whistle Stop Cafe' from Fried Green Tomatoes.
I went to visit Cat Daddy over the weekend and he took me by here on Sunday. It's very close to the job site actually. We had a nice time just driving around the area and stopping in a few shops and state parks.
Much of the movie was filmed right in this area. And wouldn't you know, damn train tracks running everywhere. This scenario was made complete by the fact that Cat Daddy drives the exact same color, etc. truck as a certain someone, even down to same type and color umbrella that they both keep behind the headrest of the passenger side seat. I joked to Cat Daddy that he was going to have to hide the umbrella at least but I just try to laugh about the whole thing. Like Ninny Threadgoode says in the movie, "a heart can be broken but it keeps beating just the same".
The big barbecue pit that they show in the movie is actually out back of the building and I thought I could get a shot of the whole thing but it didn't come out well. We went in the restaurant but did not eat any fried green tomatoes. $7.50 just seemed a little high for a few green tomato slices. It's a shame that the movie and book are set in Alabama but the movie was not filmed here.

I also got to visit with a few of our other carpenters as we all met up one night at a bar in a larger town. We avoided any fights as we all conceded we are all too beat up as it is to get into stuff like that any more. One of the boys broke his back a few years ago in a fall on the job. Cat Daddy has had back surgery and I have torn a ligament in one foot so it's hard for me to run very well. So, we just shot some pool and threw back a few. They told me about an unfortunate rod buster on the job that had two fingers pulled/pinched off by a crane's outriggers this past week. He's actually lucky that it wasn't more. I feel so for these men having to work this type of job. Rough way to make a living.
So, we had a nice visit and I saw a part of the country that I had not seen before. Despite the fact that I am completely self-sufficient, the warmth of a man's arms does much to improve my mood and I'm not at all ashamed of that fact. So, maybe I can get a lot more done this week and have some new stuff to show ya'll soon.

*Glen Campbell


mountainmelody said...

Ah--I've been there too! How cool!

Ed Abbey said...

The latter part of your post reminded me of the lyrics to a great John Prine song called Ain't Hurtin' Nobody. The lyrics go, "Farm machinery eating people`s arms and legs."

Elizabeth said...

Been out of the state for 3 weeks. Just got caught up with your blog. Things are looking very nice. Love the stone work. I see Ron's blog is gone again... Did he say whether it's a permanent thing or just a break?? Saw the O'melays were having a fun summer with a few fough spots. Hope you're off work only as long as you want to be.

edifice rex said...

Hey MM! Yeah, it is! Good to hear from you.

Hey Ed! Ha! Yeah, unfortunately there are lots of things on our jobs we have to worry about eating us.

Hey Elizabeth! thanks!
I think Ron's just gne another one of his hiatuses (sp?) I believe he said he would be back after a while.
I hope to have a couple of months off and then after that we'll see. Good to hear from you.