Monday, August 10, 2009

Hit The Ground Running

Well, today was my first day of vacation!! And I basically pissed around all day, lol! Well, I had some errands to run in town and such and just took some time to go to a couple of stores and look around. Had to take care of some household chores too. But tomorrow, it's down to business! Now, ya'll are going to have to put the whip to my back if I start lolligagging any.
I spoke to our personnel director this morning and basically have no idea how long I'll be off. It could be two months or they could call me back next week. I have a feeling it will be awhile though. But, at any rate, I've got to make the most of this time and keep the attitude that it's not going to last long.
So, my to do list includes:
Finish the rock wall and steps
Grade parking area and apply gravel fill
Finish siding and exterior trim on house
Completely, absolutely finish painting house
Install porch light fixtures (yeah, I know, wth? that's not already done?)
Clean deck and rebar handrails and apply fresh sealer
Build garden/ tool shed
Plow garden under and till in fresh compost
Build decorative gates for garden
Build small shed for firewood
Fill bare spots in lawn and reseed
Build fire ring and benches
Install two sculptures I already have built
Build two more sculptures I have in my head
Oh, finish stained glass window for bath, duh!
Transplant native flowers and shrubs to area above new wall
Clean and organize basement after I lay block knee wall against dirt bank there
60 million other things

I was informed that Lika was getting too much web time and Grendal was getting left out and she agreed to pose for a few shots. She's gotten pretty good about that lately. She is doing well and I finally found a flea medicine that works and doesn't make all her hair fall out.

Don't ya'll worry, I intend to have some fun while I'm off work too! My spirits are up these days so I'm eager to work and cut loose a little too. Perhaps I'll go visit Cat Daddy if he can't come home. I'm sure we can find something to get into; I haven't been in a bar fight in some time now...

*Jonny Lang


Pablo said...

Impressive list, but what are you going to do on your second day off?

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Well, start on the second half of the house, of course!

Floridacracker said...

Good list, I'm not sure you will get that extra 60 million things done tho.

I like the new vista on your header!

Kymber said...

one more thing to add to the list - TAKE PICS OF EVERYTHING!
i know that i, and your other readers will enjoy more pics immensely!
oh - and try to stay out of any bar fights - i've been thrown out of few bars myself and - ouch!
i hope that you are off work long enough to finish all of your projects and then back when you feel good to be back!
all the best to you girl!

Anonymous said...

I LMAO @ the thought of you being in a bar fight LOL!
The yard is looking fabulous too:)

Island Rider said...

Ooh, I love your new header. It looks so pretty and restful. Can't wait to read more of your adventures. If you are like me, there will be plenty of distractions from that to do list and more will get done than you have planned. Make some more pots, too, will you?

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! thanks! yeah, I think maybe 40 million but not all 60.

Hey Kymber! thank you very much and I will try to do all those things!

Hey Molly! thanks! yeah, a lot of people think I'm kidding about the fights!

Hey IR! thanks! well, I hope there will be some distractions! lol! And yes, I intend to make lots of pots!