Monday, August 24, 2009

Shape Of Things

This is not a particularly good photo but you can sort of see the new colors of the rafter tails and all. I took Richard's advice and changed to a darker version of the siding color for the trim and soffit. It looks much better. The window sashes will go the same cedar color that is on the rafters. I've just got to finish painting the windows and do some touch up on the siding and I can move the pick board down to the other half of this side. I absolutely hate working off these pick boards as they are only about 18" wide. I'm only about 12 feet up but still, that's enough to break something if you fall. It's funny, I don't mind much greater heights at work at all but then, we are tied off there and I know I can't go far.
They called early this morning though and said they will be picking the machine up this afternoon, so doing final work with that is the primary concern today. I've got to clean up this large tree, dig out a couple of stumps and set a few more smaller stones if possible. Don't any of you squeal about the tree. It was rotten on the bottom and had virtually no limbs on it, so it was butt ugly and posed a risk to my house. It will make good firewood. I don't like to cut trees but this one needed to go. You can see how close it was to the house but Allen did a good job of landing it in a safe area. I appreciate him helping me even if he did take it as an opportunity to taunt me that I do, at times, need a man. I will not repeat the ugly words that issued from my mouth in reply.
The weather here the past couple of days has just been incredibly nice. It is so cool I have actually had to put on some clothes in the morning! Looks like this will be a good week as far as more nice weather and I will be able to get the waterproofing done and backfill behind the house. Wooohooo! Only been undone for 2 years! God, I'm ashamed of that. But it seemed other work was more important and I can only do so much.
I need to get out and do some kind of socializing this week also. I've been by myself too much lately and I'm beginning to feel it. Not sure what to do but I'll find something.
Hope you all had a good weekend.

*The Yardbirds


Richard said...

Like the house colors. Will look nice if you ever get

18' pick boards are great to work off off. I remember when I used to work off of 2 x 12 that used to bow and bounce. I sure was dumb in those days.

Anonymous said...

Looking good ER, love the house colours:)

Sis said...

Yeah, I love the colors too. You'll wear out before your time with all this labor you're at. Take a break, Girl and go have some fun.

Floridacracker said...

I have one of those trees that I need to fell also. Too close and too weak to stay.

Island Rider said...

I'm having trouble reconciling the machinery and the scaffolding with that new picture on your profile. I bet all the guys are whistling at you!

myamuhnative said...

Island Rider is right-I'll bet you could get a whole crew of menfolk over to help if you sent 'em your new pic!
I caught it right way but only just noticed that it is right next to the title "shape of things". LOL.

edifice rex said...

Hey Richard! okay smarty pants! lol! I'm determined to finish this painting!
Oh, I've working off plenty of the 2x12 scaffold boards and when you step off the end of one onto the other, where they would lap them, you were just sure you were falling to your death! Scares me every time!

Hey molly! thanks!

Hey Sis! I've actually been taking it kinda easy lately, believe it or not!

Hey FC! yeah, I have a couple more!

Hey IR! ha! thanks! well, I thought that was a better pic because it doesn't show my face! My backside is my best side!

Hey Mya! only problem is they're all out of state! lol! but I have had a few of the guys volunteer to come help me!
You know, I didn't make that connection between the title and the pic until you said something! haha!