Monday, August 03, 2009

That's Alright Mama

You like that darn ol' cat better than me! lol! Just kidding. Ya'll meet my Mom and that's Otis on her shoulder. Otis is not that big of a cat, Mama is just small but dynamite comes in little packages too. That's what I always tell the guys if they ever scoff at me doing something at work they don't think I can do. That doesn't happen much anymore though for some reason.
This is one of Mama's flower beds. She can grow anything. I visited her today for quite a while and we also went over to visit her twin sister that lives only a few miles away. It was so rainy and gooshy around home that I couldn't really work on much. Plus, Mama cooked lunch. Her fried chicken is the best.
This is one of the farms I pass on the way to Mama's. Sorry about that stupid tree but you get the idea. This is a fairly rural area still and there are numerous cattle farms around. I believe this one raises Black Angus. This photo doesn't show but a tiny portion of the place.

Hopefully, things will dry out some this week and I can get back to my wall. I also picked up a few neat objects from Mama's that will be really cool for artifying the wall.
I truly believe this will be my last week at work but you never know. Just in case though, I am scheduling tasks and projects in my head and getting material lined up so I'll be ready if I do get laid off. Then ya'll are going to see some work sure enough.

*Elvis Presley


Anonymous said...

If I'm correct and you guys have summer there it is amazing to me it is so green.

In summer here everything is dry and golden, no green to be seen on our farms at that time of the year!

Island Rider said...

Your mom is beautiful and so are her flowers!

Floridacracker said...

Well, ditto Island Rider! I love a garden like that ... sort of English cottage garden style. My Mom does the same style flower beds.

edifice rex said...

Hey Molly! Yes, we are in the middle of our summer. We have actually had our normal rainfall amount this year so that why we are so green. In fact, the morning that this photo was taken we had a good rainfall. The past two years we were in a severe drought and it was the dry and golden here too so this year is a blessing.

Hey IR! why,thank you! All the women in my family are lovely! ;D

Hey FC! thanks! yeah, mama can just throw plants on the ground and it seems that they will grow. I guess I got my love of gardening from her.

countrypeapie said...

So nice to meet your mom! I wish I were as charmed when it comes to growing flowers!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! I can grow flowers pretty good but the veggies give me fits! Don't understand that.

Loretta said...

Such a beautiful cat! No one can cook like our mom, doesn't mater what it is.

edifice rex said...

Hey Loretta! Ain't that the truth!